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Latvian Cup in Classic Bench Press.

Latvia cup 2015 (benchpress)

benchpress Latvia 2015


Latvia cup 2014 - benchpress

жим штанги лёжа - кубок Латвии 2014


XXXII-Latvia Cup-2012 Classic bench press

Benchpress Latvia cup


XXXI-Latvia Cup-2011 Classic bench press (photo and results)

Latvia WFF bench press championship


Latvian Cup 2010   - details of past events.

Latvia Cup bench press photo


Latvian Cup 2009 - results.

Latvia_Cup_bench_press - results


Latvian Cup 2008   - reports and photos.

Latvia_Cup_bench_press - photo gallery


Absolute champion Latvia Cup 2011 is Alexander Bondarchuk and

absolute champion Latvia Cup 1981 is Sergey Ignatjev:


Cup of Latvia, for classical bench press, traditionally, passes in the middle of December, in Daugavpils, in sport club "Fitness - Center".

To take part, in the Cup of Latvia for classical bench press, can any athlete. The application forms for participation, send to -

On the Cup of Latvia, athletes who have fulfilled all established standards, will be awarded with the title "  Master of Sports " on classical bench press.


The tradition of power-lifting competitions in Daugavpils "Fitness Center " has a long history: in 1938, there have already been held in Latvia championships in weightlifting.

1938. Daugavpils. The current clubhouse "  Fitness - Center". Latvian Championship: 

WFF Latvia history - bench press 1938



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