Miss Bikini

Beauty contest Miss Bikini

Miss Bikini 2014 - 19 oktober. Daugavpils (Latvia)

To participation all persons interested are invited. Send the requests (desirably with a photo) on our майл wff@inbox.lv


All winners of Miss Bikini fitness beauty contest


Miss Bikini winners


Miss Bikini 2016 - Veverica Margarita

miss bikini

Miss Bikini 2016


Miss Bikini 2015 - Timohina Gitana

Miss Bikini 2015

Miss Bikini 2015


Miss Bikini 2015 - Latvia


Miss Bikini 2014 - Marinjaka Inga (Riga)

Miss bikini 2014

Miss bikini 2014



Miss Bikini 2013 Contest was held on 30 May at Daugavpils stradione "Locomotive" in the presence of more than 4,000 spectators and with the support of the best Russian rock band "Beasts."

The winner was Marina Girs (Daugavpils, "Fitness Center")

Miss Bikini winner - Marina

Marina before the contest Miss Bikini


Miss Bikini 2012 - Dajana Jovaishaite (Kaunas)

Miss Bikini - final


Competition Miss Bikini 2011, has passed in Daugavpils.
 Became the winner of Evgenie Zaretsky (Riga)

Oleg Burinsky and miss bikini Evgenija



Beauty contest Miss Bikini 2010, was held in two phases: in Vilnius and Tallinn.

Winner was the, luxurious beautiful woman Katerina Fedoseyeva ("Fitness - Center"). Besides fitness, Kate, quite professional singing on stage, under the stage name Katarina:


Miss Bikini 2009, was held in two phases: in Daugavpils and Riga (in Riga, was - more than 5000 spectators)

Winner was, slim and fitness photo model - Olga Marachkovska ("Fitness - Center"):

Oleg Burinsky and miss bikini Olga Marackovska


In the beauty contest Miss Bikini 2008, participated more than 30 girls. And many recognized beauties of Latvia could not get into the final top six.

Winner was Julia Savitch ("Fitness - Center"). Awarded to Julia, the musicians of the "Factor 2":

Miss Bikini - Julja Savich


Beauty contest Miss Bikini 2007, consisted of 4 stages: in Rezekne, Daugavpils, Jekabpils and Ogre.

Winner was the Jadviga Krizhanovska ("Fitness - Center"). She won in all four cities. After the contest, Yaviga, along with other finalists, starred in the video EL RICO "I Fly Away" (post number 156).

This music video clip headed two months a hit parade of MTV.

Oleg Burinsky and miss bikini Jadviga


Miss Bikini 2006, was held at the central stadium of Daugavpils and collected nearly 4000 spectators.

For many, unexpectedly, the winner was Arina Leontieva ("Fitness - Center"). There was loud applause for the Arina by the audience of our show:


Miss Bikini 2005 - Rita Elksninya ("Fitness - Center"). Magnificent figure: long and slender legs, slim waist and a chic breast, natural charm, helped Rita to win this year.


Miss Bikini 2004, first held in two stages: in Riga and Daugavpils cities. The winner, by results of voting, was the charming beauty Lena Zaikova (Riga):


Miss Bikini 2003, beautiful woman, with an amazingly beautiful body - Kristina Dmitrieva ("Fitness - Center"):


The winner of Miss Bikini 2002, became Turova Ekaterina ("Fitness - Center"):


The first beauty contest Miss Bikini, held in 2001. 18 girls participated in the contest.

The winner of Miss Bikini 2001, was a slender blonde Nastya Morozova ("Fitness - Center"):


Fitness beauty contest "Miss Bikini", is the most democratic and most honest - the winner is selected by voting all viewers applause. They are - our panel of judges. That participant, who picks the most applause becomes a winner.

You can also take part in the Miss Bikini. To do this, please send your application (with photos) to Email - wff@inbox.lv



Photo gallery of Miss Bikini fitness beauty contest winners look here



We have held sufficient various beauty contests. However, the popularity and recognition of winners is clearly leads - Miss Bikini.

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