Most beautiful ass of Latvia

most beautiful ass from Latvia 2014


  Most beautiful ass of Latvia - photo


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 2015" - Veverica Aurika

Most beautiful ass of Latvia 2015


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 2014" - Gabriella Savkina

most beautiful ass from Latvia 2014


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 2013" - Inara Chivcha (Riga)

Amber prix 2013 photo:

most beautiful ass


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 2012" -  Kristine Belverte (Riga). The amazing ass with ideal forms and proportions she showed on WFF Universe in Vienna:

most beautiful ass from Latvia - Kristine Belverte (Riga)


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 2011" - Marina Kruglova

In very plenty of different competitions, the Latvian girls took part this year. Beginning from our traditional shows and ending to pompous "Miss World".

It would seem, at such great choice of pretenders, there will be many spores. But no, all decided very even unanimously: the most beautiful woman priest of Latvia 2011, was for of the WFF World, passing in Graz (Austria), Marina Kruglova:

Most beautiful ass - Marina


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 2010" - Svetlana Kurkina

At competition Miss Fitness Model 2010, beauty Svetlana, brightly shone with perfect flexures of the smart body.

Most beautiful ass - fitness model Svetlana


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 2009" -Natalja Andreeva

Natasha, debuted in the European championship WFF 2009 on classical fitness. To our deep regret, and without having reached the final. But its charming figure didn't remain not noticed!

Most beautiful ass - fitness girl from Latvia Nataly


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 2008" - Alisa Mishkovska

The graceful figure, Alisa, shone at competition of Miss Bikini 2008, and the World championship 2008 in Poland in a category "fitness model".

Most beautiful bum - fitness miss Latvia


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 2007" - Ekaterina Horovech

Those lucky persons whom has carried to see alive beauty Katya in the championship of Latvia 2007 and the European championship 2007 on fitness to aerobics, hardly when will forget its surprisingly beautiful and harmoniously combined figure.

Aerobic girl bum


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 2006" - Oksana Fursova

Charming and cheerful Oksana, on a Europe Cup 2006 on fitness to aerobics, perfectly well looked from different directions!

Fitness girl Oksana - beautiful bum


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 2005" - Evelina Kuznechova

Harmonous and tiny Evilina, has fascinated many spectators on Miss Bikini 2005

Juning model - beautiful bum


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 2004" - Agata Loche

Every time when Agate, in the beginning on Miss Bikini 2004, and then and on Miss World 2004 in Italy, turned a back to spectators, it invariably caused a storm of applause of all judges of a beautiful female body.

Sexy fitness girls Agata - naked photos beautiful bum


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 2003" - Natalja Zamjatina

Acting on Universe 2003 in Germany on classical fitness, well very tiny harmonous Natasha, has literally fascinated the charming figure of all spectators of this show.

Most beautiful bum - fitness girl from Latvia


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 2002" - Lena Stike

The beauty Lena, has flashed on the Amber Prix 2002.

Lena - beautiful bum



"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 2001" - Olga Sidorova

The harmonous and graceful model of Olja, has shown the fine figure on Miss Bikini 2001


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 2000" - Marija Vilpe

In 2000, smart beauty Maria, represented our Country at competition of classical fitness in Austria:

Sexy fitness girls Masha - naked photos


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 1999" - Irene Garkalne

 Irena, in 1999, (Germany) has very successfully acted at competition of classical fitness in Munich

Sexy fitness girls Irina - naked photos beautiful bum


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 1998" - Natalja Saveleva

Natasha, has shown the symmetry and feminity in the European championship 1998. Though it there also hasn't occupied prize-winning places, but has demonstrated a new and beautiful direction of female fitness.

Later, this direction, we named a category "fitness model". Having arisen in Latvia, this direction of female fitness (fitness model) has quickly won the whole world:


"Most beautiful ass of Latvia 1997" - Inga Liepa

In 1997, in Daugavpils club "Lidadzis", the first advertizing action of female fitness on which shone with the forms, magnificent beauty Inga has been spent.

From this point on, we also have started to define the happy owner of the most attractive (and it is the fact) parts of a female body:

Most beautiful ass from Latvia



The beautiful bottom, it agree to the data of almost all polls, is the most attractive (by sight men … however, at women - the same history) a place of a female (man's) body. To be pleasant it to a clod or not – but it is the fact.
Most beautiful bottom - fitness model


In our Country (Latvia), every possible beauty contests are spent very many. On many of them, this, the most beautiful part of a body, masks the every possible clothes tied by shawls or towels, and in the hard cases – shapeless vests to knees. That: many priests really are better for hiding and to nobody to show.


At the same time, in our Country so many beautiful and sports bottoms which would be simply guilty to hide from views of true judges of absolutely combined female figures.

Most beautiful ass from Estonia

And only for such models assured of the physical perfection which presume to dress to itself the most frank bikinis favourably underlining all forms and flexures of their almost ideal bodies, competitions are held: Miss Bikini, Miss Fitness Model, Miss Fitness Latvia, …

Most beautiful bottom - fitness girl from Latvia


Certainly, to collect together all models from all these competitions, hardly when or it will be presented possible. As it is sad. But at us is компетнтное opinion of our professionals: organizers and representatives of jury of these competitions. Let's listen to their opinion, in definition of the most beautiful bottom of our Country (well and which of them most-naisamaja, defines you)


If you consider the body competitive and worthy scenes can contact us to address 
Or, to send the photo for sew a gallery photo «the Most beautiful bottom».



Photo competition - "most beautiful bottom"

Most beautiful ass - nude photo


"Fee" - some would say: "I also found than admire - booty. And why not party?".

And do not tell me! Although, of course, the card man - his face. But still, let's be fair: a person is what got us through inheritance. That is, our merits in this case, however, and not in this at all. Well, of course still - make-up skills.

Whether it pop! If the girl has a beautiful butt, I can with 100% certainty say that the whole body it will be - full of openwork.

But the slightest disorder in the body, either crashes hormonal levels (most often, from lack of physical activity), or even a beginner with poser overweight and kapets - Your Booty "floated".


Recipe beautiful priests is simple: exercise equipment, nutrition, cardio load. Generally speaking, all in the hands of the most Popinot owner.

And they say that having a beautiful and elastic ass, shapely legs, round breasts and slender waist, a woman can charm any man and get him everything he wants. I do not know if it's true. But having come to engage in a room, you can check on their own experience the truth of this myth.

Fitness drawn ass


So, girls, remember, if men suddenly ceased to wrap you in a trace, then - an urgent time in the gym! For example - in the   . "Fitness - Center ".


Sports ass from Natasha ("Fitness - center"):

Fitness ass - naked photo

Wanna see your own photo in gallery "The Most beautiful fanny", send us -


Agata ("Fitness - Centrs"): If your hands do not grow out of the priests, then make yourself a nice ass is very simple - you need only, to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Most beautiful ass - fitness girl from Latvia


Dana ("Fitness - Center"): The beauty of your priests, depends on the condition of your body as a whole.

Most beautiful ass - fitness girl from Latvia


Sexy fitness girls - Fitness center


Photo competition - "The Most beautiful fanny" here


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