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Sexy fitness girl - photo


Grumblers displeased at life, often does set to us a the same question: "Why there is so many erotica" on your web-site?.
They do not understand the simplest intercommunication: fitness - health - beautiful body - erotica - sex. Where one, fully naturally follows from other. And man that lost interest in an erotica and sex, it as easy as anything to "calculate" by appearance.
In fact maintenance of health and smart, sport body is possible only in this copula. Without depending on sex.

Sport erotica - photo


At all times there was the ideal of woman.

But always men met in one: ideal woman - bare woman

Sport and fitness sensuality girl - beautiful ass



A naked body is banality. A bare body is this art

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Sport erotica - spectacle, showily, dynamically.

But nevertheless: why erotica?

All is simple: an only nude allows most full to pass all perfection of build.

And, as you noticed already, perfection body of addition, and I am is a main theme of our web-site. In all her displa:



Sports sensuality totals as much years, how many and sports. After all at the beginning of the sports formation, all athletes acted only as completely bared.

Sports sensuality - female photo. Sauna.


The relation to a brawny female body in a society, ambiguous. The matter is that, I consider, extreme female bodybuilding. With same extreme, a relief.

Well and the beauty, means itself only harmony. Or, differently - anything superfluous.

Sexy muscle female girls - bodybuilding photo

Sexy muscle girls


The beautiful sensuality differs from usual that it is possible to show a beautiful sensuality only with healthy and sports a body. As external beauty and health as a whole - inseparably linked concepts:

beautiful sensuality fitness girls


Sex, fitness and hormones.

Between a sensuality and sex and as body building and fitness, exists much in common. And business not only in beautiful and a sound body.
Besides (is more exact - in because of it), there is also the most important uniting line - presence of high level of hormones in blood.
As without their presence, won't be neither appearance, nor a libido, neither energy, nor force... And there will be only hardly moving wreck to which it is not so interesting anything.

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One more, the gymnast bared fitness. On mine: very adequately admiration!

female gymnast nude photo


«Naked gymnast», for the ancient Greek, oil oil »sounded as«. The matter is that the word "gymnastics", has occurred from the Greek word «gymos» which to be translated as "bared" or "naked".
So the beautiful sensuality of the naked gymnast, just also symbolizes initial sense of this beautiful sport.

Naked female gymnast photo gallery


The model bared fitness - the sample of a perfect body:

model nude muscle fitness


The man ask: "On what you first of all pay attention, having seen the woman?". Its answer: "And it to be faced to me, or a back?". Alas, but 99 % of men, think and behave so. Available the rest in 1 %, sexopathologists treat.

To be pleasant to us it or not, but the female bottom, is not only the center of gravity of a female body, but also the center of man's attention:

fitness beautiful bottom - sport erotica


What women, from times of ancient history, are most known? The first, on mind come: Nefertiti, Cleopatra, Elena Trojansky. All of them are united by one: they are beautiful and sexual.
You never reflected what the history stores names of only beautiful and sexsual woman
Fine, naked Venus Milossky, is and until now the most known female symbol in the history of mankind, and here its numerous vituperators (I do not doubt at all that the number it was – huge) – is unknown have sunk into oblivion.
For the history stores, only present and eternal values, and verbal chatter of people radiating with rage, practically always, to anybody (except them and small groups still the same defective creations), isn't interesting.

fitness girls beautiful - sexual women


Almost all polls on a theme «What parts of a female body, to you seem the most attractive», give out absolutely identical answer: on the first place – a female breast, on the second – a bottom.
With it all is clear. To me not clearly another: why the MOST BEAUTIFUL and MOST ATTRACTIVE parts of a female body, are considered, in a certain part of a society, indecent to display? Where logic?

Beautiful bare gymnast


What is, the most beautiful on the Earth?
Certainly – a beautiful body, the beautiful person.
And still? Without what it is impossible to present any holiday? What, most of all to us cheers up and gives positive emotions?
Certainly – flowers!
And what such flowers, inherently?
Flowers are the genital of plants opened for fertilisation. That is, flowers are a sensuality of flora.
If we take the most most beautiful elements of fauna (for example – plumage of a peacock) we will see as they, carry out only one – erotic function.
From this the simple conclusion follows: the most beautiful on the Earth is a sensuality. Both at the person, and at plants and animals.
Let's reject aside silly hypocrisy and we admit this obvious fact.


On a body of the woman (not to everyone), is such attractive places to show which all beauty, it is possible only having bared the body.
Here only such women (not all) also can work in an erotic genre.
After all if the sensuality, doesn't cause feeling of pleasure by beauty, it already – not a sensuality.

The unsteady side, between a beautiful sensuality and banal nude, consists in our perception of the image.

If, its viewing, causes in us raised feelings of admiration of beauty of a nude female body, that, certainly, before us – product of erotic art. Otherwise – alas.

Certainly, our perception, depends not only on perfection of a body of model and skill of a photo of the artist, but also from degree of culture of the spectator.

Beautiful bare model on a black background


People portrayed the beautiful, naked female body, in all ages.

Time, only changed the criteria of beauty, but added innovation of scientific and technological progress.

For example, the painting has lost its relevance. Is being replaced by photo:


"The naked female body, causes delight in men - seems to be so self-evident. But I'm completely disagree with it.

The delight causes, not bared, but a beautiful body. Well and if it also is bared, means will cause even more delight.

In fact beauty is never too much. And the perfection of the lines of beautiful figure, draws men far more than, even the most fashionable clothes, from golubotsvetnyh designers, tailors.

Perfect beauty health nature, will always take up over human designer delights. In fact people - is itself a piece of nature. Well, a particle never will take up over his Creator.

Female body naked - humor


Long time, the image of a female naked body, was under a ban in Judaism and Christianity religions. Then, the beauty of a human body, was identified only with man's naked nature.

The female body, was considered disproportionate and ugly. Therefore, it was is unworthy the image, as the beauty and perfection standard - a man's body. Only approximately 500 years ago, artists and sculptors again, since antique times, have opened for themselves and for public beauty and perfection of a healthy female body.

naked woman body - fitness girl


Personally, I have a positive attitude to the genre of photo "sport erotica"
Of course, if this genre shows a beautiful body, close to the perfect forms. Otherwise - do not need!

Naked gymnastic - erotika photo


Sports Women's erotic, perhaps, is the youngest in the history of the nude photography genre. In fact nude photos of male athletes appeared immediately after the invention of photography.

In sport erotic, we can often see the brutality and rigidity in the performance of delicate creatures:

Sexy fitness girls - female photo


Graceful athletic body -is the creation of beauty and perfection of nature.

Nude female body, almost perfect forms demonstrates the beauty and perfection of the physical human guise. It, most of all draws our sight in any fine arts, singing of beauty and an esthetics.

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