Photo gallery of the best bodybuilders in Latvia - Mens

Photo gallery of the best Latvia bodybuilders, in bodybuilding and fitness categories.

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Photo gallery of the very first Latvia body builders (since 1890), look in here section "Information".


In 1998, the absolute Latvian Cup champion Alexander Vohmyanin, became the first among men (with Miecheslav Cvechkovsky) Amber Prix tournament champion.
Alexander Vohmyanin ("Fitness - Center") multiple absolute champion of tournament "the strongest person of Daugavpils".
More than 10 years, an absolute Latvian benchpress record belonged to Alexander Vokhmyanin.

Winner, medalist and participant of strongmen competitions (weight lifting) and armrestling.

Bodybuiding - muscle extreme from Latvia


Possessor of the most powerful hands in Latvia among bodybuilding - Romanov Dmitry ("Fitness - Сenter")

bodybuilding Latvia - Naglis and Romanov


One of the most powerful Latvia athletes.

Absolute Latvia & World bodybuilding champion - Normunds YuransNormunds Jurans - bodybuilding WFF



Despite so impressing look, young Daugavpils athlete Evgenie Naglis ("Fitness - Сenter"), is a beginner bodybuilder.

Evgenie's coming plans: presentation on Amber Prix and WFF and NABBA Universes.

/Well and "padded" eye - the result of the operation to remove catarrhal furuncle/

bodybuilding from Fitness center photo


Absolute Latvia, Europe and World champion in fitness aerobics - Victor Sharko

Victor Sharco from Latvia


World bodybuilding champion among veterans - Sergey Bogdanov ("Fitness - Center"):

WFF World veteran champion from Fitness center


Daugavpils athlete Alexander Tumashevich, now lives in Moscow. The absolute champion in WFF world

Bodybuilding from Fitness center


Prokofiev Valery:


Storozhenko Maksim:


Edgar Ratnieks

Bench Press championship Latvia - Edgars Ratnieks


Borisevich Andrey:


Latvian strongest bodybuilder Konstantin Konstantinov, not too spoiled their fans on the scene, has focused on development of force. His best results:
- world record holder in deadlift - 430 kg
- absolute Latvia benchpress champion - 260 kg

He improves their own and world records, with an enviable constancy


Fitnalist of "Arnold Classic", the most powerful strongmen in Latvia, - Artis Plivda (Daugavpils, "Fitness - Center":


Eduard Shevchenko



Fedchenko Alexander:


Smolkin Marek:


Dmitry Polyakov:


Gladky Denis:


Latvia, Amber Prix and Europe champion - Ilgvars Kazaks:


Absolute Latvia champion, Amber Prix, European and World champion - Alexander Lyubomirov:


Absolute Latvia champion, Amber Prix, Europe and World champion - Maris Klavins:


Alexandrov Vitaly has a huge mass of muscle, while remaining very proportional and aesthetic athlete. In addition, Vitaly - is very strong physically. Its operating weight in the benchpress, reaches up to 220 kg.

Champion of the World, Europe and Amber Prix in bodybuilding:


Andrey Tokarev - Andrey Tokarev - European fitness champion in pairs (with Natalya Zamyatina) and World fitness champion in pairs (with Maria Deksne)


Absolute Latvia Cup champion, Vladislav Labudz, is European champion and world vice-champion of fitness.
In addition, Vladislav Labudz - repeated absolute champion and record holder of the Latvian classic benchpress championship and "Strongest man of Daugavpils" tournaments, with classic benchpress - 220 kg.


Voloshko Ruslan


In 2001, absolute Latvia champion, Vladimir Marakhovsky, became the first athlete in Latvia, (for men) who received "world champion" title. Vladimir Marakhovsky, for over 10 years was Latvia champion in deadlift.


Plisko German


Gucan Yuriy

Jurij Gucan - bidybuilding from Latvia


Absolute Latvia Champion - 2002, Karsetyan Yuriy, became the first athlete from Latvia (men), who received: "absolute champion of Europe" and "Mr Universe" titles. It happened in 2002.

WFF Universe champion from Latvia


Sergey Sergeyev, began performing in the late 80's and continued to compete up to the WFF European Championship in 2003:


Birzenieks Aivars:


Repeated absolute Latvia champion and Latvian Cup. Alexander Maslovsky, in 2001 became the first in Latvia, (for men) overall Amber Prix champion.
Alexander Maslovsky - first in Latvia, European champion among men. The absolute champion of Europe. Vice-champion of the world..


Fitness athlete, Alexey Ermolaev:


Oscars Kasakovskis:


Janis Visotskis - son of our honored veterans, Aivars Visotskis:



Anatoly Casus. In this photo, the patriarch of Latvian bodybuilding - 60 years:


Sandis Yuryaks:


One of the of the best bodybuilders 80's - Andrey Petrakov:


Mid 90's - Vladimir Zotov:


In 1998, the absolute champion of the Latvian Cup Mechislav Cvechkovsky ("Fitness - Center"), became the first men (along with Alexander Vahmyanin) champion of Amber Prix tournament.
Mechislav Cvechkovsky is absolute champion of "The strongest man of Daugavpils" tournament and Latvian champion and record holder in classical benchpress.


The first Latvian male bodybuilder, who won the European title (1998 NABBA). NABBA Mr. Universe, among veterans - Aivars Visotskis:


Melko Arvid:


1998. Alexey Shilonosov, Girts Petersons, Maksim Bugai


Constantine Skripai, died tragically in dashing 90th:


Ivo Zelitis:


The prize-winner of the first championship of Latvia on body building (1981. Daugavpils) Maris Shvejduks, appeared on stage, up to WFF World championship 2002

Maris Shveiduks - bodybuilding from Latvia


1985 Anatoly Kornach and Sergey Levenok:


Aivars Chivkash:


Rybakov Sergey, has the long standing of performances among the Latvian body builders. The repeated champion of Latvia. Appears on stage since 1982. Now, Sergey Rybakov trains in "Fitness - Center" and continues to compete.


The numerous champion and the prize-winner of Latvia champions, on athletic gymnastics and power triathlon of 80-s' years, the Champion of the first Latvia championship (1981) - Vedmedovsky Sergey.

And today is in good shape.


The patriarch of Latvian Bodybuilding 70-80th years, Anatoly Popov, performed at our competitions up to 2004:


The absolute champion of first Latvia  bodybuilding championship (1981. Daugavpils). The best Latvia bodybuilder of 70-80th years - Stanislav Poljakov.

Last time Stanislav, appeared on stage in 1996, in the championship of Latvia (Daugavpils). Nowadays Stanislav Poljakov - lives in Israel.


Kutsyn Gregory:


1978. Yuriy Zhukovsky:


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Photo gallery of the best body builders of Latvia, in categories bodybuilding and fitness.

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