WFF/NABBA Universe 2016 (Orlando, USA)

WFF/NABBA Universe 2016


Junior champion Amber prix 2014 - Grigjanis Aivars

bodybuilding - Amber prix


WFF Universe 2013 - Davide Pioggia (Italy) 3 pl

WFF Universe 2013 - photo bodybuilding


 WFF World 2012 - Mark L'incredibile Greiner (Austria)

Bodybuilding - WFF World


Ali Asghar Mofarrahi Dalir (Iran) - WFF World 2012 - 3 pl

WFF World - bodybuilding


WFF Universe 2012 - photo and results

ВФФ Юниверс - бодибилдингWFF Universe - bodybuilding category


Davide Pioggia (Italy) - WFF Universe 2011 bodybuilding champion

Davide Pioggia (Italy) - WFF Universe bodybuilding champion


WFF World 2011  Vojtech Koritensky (Czech)

WFF World 2011  Vojtech Koritensky    


Thomas Burianek (Austria). WFF Universe 2011. Bodybuilding.

Thomas Burianek. WFF Universe


WFF World 2010 bodybuilding champoion - Mario Hemmer (Austria)

WFF World championship - Mario Hemmer


Wonderful bodybuilder, always showing the maximum muscle relief -  Alexander Schogolev:


Many people don't recognize the maximum muscular extreme of bodybuilding. Giving preferences to easier categories of fitness and body building. However, this is where the essence of bodybuilding. Though, if the maximum muscle mass is proportionally balanced, the number of fans of the bodybuilding, increases sharply. Aleksanr Baldin, belongs to this category of bodybuilders.


Excellent proportions and great muscle development, have bodybuilder Yakubov Andrey:


Powerful bodybuilder from Uruguay - Antonio Octa:


Very broad with a narrow waist, the athlete bodibiler - Burmistrov Denis:


Powerful and at the same time perfectly proportioned bodybuilder from Ekaterinburg - Sebastianov Alexey:

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