Photo model. A photo gallery of beautiful and sports fitness girls

Photo Gallery of most beautiful (in my opinion) photo models of  modeling  and athletic fitness, as well as participants of  Miss Bikini  and   Miss Fitness Model. 

Note: some galleries contain elements of a beautiful (again, in my opinion) eroticism (they are marked with +). Without any vulgarity. But if you're opponent is supervised by a naked female body in any way, or you are under 18, do the simple - do not see these galleries: (+).




Olga Kimber - most beautiful ass
Most beautiful ass of Latvia - Olga Kimber

Marina - aerobic trainer

Marina - aerobic fitness trainer


Fitness girls Irina

fitness girls beautiful - Irina photo gallery

Harmonous and sports beauty   Anna, on training in "Fitness - center":

Fitness model - Anna from Latvia

Professional model Irina Meldere (Daugavpils, "Fitness Center"), working under contracts in Milan

Professional fitness model - Inna

Harmonous and graceful fitness model Egle Girtavicute

Harmonous and graceful fitness model



photo models from Latvia

Karina Nezhivenko, very strongly stirs to discipline of training process in "Fitness - Сenter". When this beauty is engaged in a gym, all mens roll up their necks and completely forget about training =)

Indeed, there is something to look: a bright girl, tall growth (1,84) with a slender, wonderfully soft and feminine figure.

Today, Karina is sharing with us their photos.

Fitness model Karina


Svetlana. ("Fitness - Center"). Beautiful and charming beauty, with a slightly eastern flavor and a beautiful, sexy figure. 

beautiful and sexy figure - Svetlana


Katya. ("Fitness - Center"). About the contest Miss Bikini winner- Katya, in words we can say this: beautifully composed figure, nice shape and rounded, lively and playful look charming eyes, long and shapely legs, nice breasts look, nice and tidy person, velvety skin, flexibility and fluidity all lines of well-groomed body.

Want to know how all this might look like visually? The answer to this question is hiding under this cut:

Miss bikini Latvia - Katja

Julia. ("Fitness - Center"). Impressive looks and harmonous modeling figure, have allowed Jule, confidently to bypass more 30 competitors, at beauty contest Miss Bikini.

Well and her charming smile, became a wonderful decoration of our web site:

Miss bikini Latvia - modeling figure Julja


Vika. ("Fitness - Center"). And let's try to tear off for a minute a sight, from its beautiful body. Certainly, it is not so simply: high, harmonous, sports fitness model. The winner of competitions of Ms. Latvia and Miss Fitness Model.

But let us, for a brief moment, forget about all the regalia and just look into her eyes. There we shall see - the character and perseverance. Well and all together, it is amazing combination. Check it yourself:

Miss Latvia Viktorija Drizljonok


Rita. ("Fitness - Center"). Tall, graceful and athletic figure, grace and elegance of the movements on the scene, all of this together, have made Rita, the most titled fitness model, in Latvia.

With such beautiful women like Rita, life becomes brighter, more beautiful and richer. Thanks to these beauties, we feel the whole palette of colors in our lives.  Thanks to beauties, we want to live and work. In the first place - on himself. To match. And do not get lost on such a bright background. Miss Bikini - Rita:

Miss bikini Latvia - modeling figure Rita Elksninja


+ Olga. ("Fitness - Center"). Very interesting to watch an unusual look at women, from a talented photographer. Especially on such beauties as our Miss Bikini and the first ever Miss Fitness Model. In Olga's galleries, very beautiful and unusual photos of the present photos of masters come across. Moderately frank and immensely stylish. Probably, one of the best samples «erotics for clever». By the way, we already have the whole three galleries of Olga: gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3.

Olga beautiful and unusual photos


Oksana. (Riga). Every creative person should have his own, beloved muse. In fact it is the vivid image that inspires and inspires any creativity.
I am convinced that our site is full of creative people. Loving and appreciating beauty. And our artists, too, must be their muses. So, there is something to compare. As for me, then let the spokesman of his belief that this muse of the photographer for more than admirable. With a charming smile, nice and pumped up, to the best athletic body:

Oksana - beautiful bottom. Fitness girl


Alla. ("Fitness - Center"). The sports body of this beautiful woman admires. By such woman, there can not easy pass any normal man. Well and all of us here, despite some our tomfooleries, nevertheless, quite adequate individuals. Of course, not without its cockroaches in the head. But in general, because - quite sane. Therefore, nothing can not publish such beauty. In fact she (beauty) - deserves it. Check it yourself by looking at photos of Alla:

Alla - sports body of this beautiful woman


Beautiful, harmonous and long-legged fitness model Natalia (Daugavpils, "Fitness Center")

Beautiful, harmonous and long-legged fitness model


+ Nadja ("Fitness - Center") Fitness beauty Nadja with a fantastic smile

Fitness beauty Nadja with a fantastic smile


+ Agata. ("Fitness - Center") At first, a little poetry: read in the news, as one priest said that women erotic provokes in people lust. And I suggest that the priest, to change his powerful gold cross to aluminum - so as not to provoke in people stealing...

I understand that there are people who absolutely do not want to watch an erotic photo. Even these beauties (though I do not understand the reasons of such views). But still, maybe look at and change your mind? Eh? In fact the figure of Agata, it clearly deserves. In fact, even young babies, personally contemplate the naked female breast.

But still: if you stand firm in the high moral convictions - do not watching this page. Well and everyone else, I invite you to admire the beautiful figure in our Agata:

Sexy fitness girls Agata - nude photos


Ludmila. Beautiful. Brutal. Expressively. Stylish. Dynamically. Beautiful photos of a strong and muscular women, world champion in the women's bodybuilding:

muscular nude women - Ljudmila


Oksana. ("Fitness - Center") This beauty with luxurious breasts and a beautiful figure, it maybe compete with any fitness babes. However, I think that Oksana is quite pleased with the impression she makes on men. Oksana, probably quite rightly confident in itself. As any woman with such good looks. In the words of Oscar Wilde - Women are created to be loved, not to be understood. Therefore, we are often do not aware of this. But do not love these beauties - it is impossible.

woman with a large breast - Oksana


Karolina. ("Fitness - Center"). Sweet and sassy. Amazing and unique. Sexy and feminine.

Amazing woman Carolina, with awesome beautiful smile:

Amazing woman Carolina


Dana. ("Fitness - Center"). Without a doubt, the body is very slender, handsome, laconic. Nothing to it to add or remove without disturbing the overall harmony. Such what should be a harmonous and sports body of the woman who are watching over the health and appearance:

Most beautiful woman bottom - Dana


+ Yadviga. ("Fitness - Center"). A distinctive feature of our Miss Bikini - Yadviga in its unique brilliance. First, even, it would seem that this sensation arises only from the bright and impressive make-up. Of course, her makeup is just bright and catchy:

Miss bikini Latvia - with a sexual figure


Alisa. ("Fitness - Center"). A beautiful and elegant woman's body. Slender, with chiseled and smooth lines. The long, delicious legs. Languishing look wonderfully beautiful eyes. Curious and slightly mischievous smile, confident in their beauty woman.

Miss Latvia:

Miss Latvia beautiful and elegant woman's body


+ Katya. ("Fitness - Center"). It is said that beautiful women never depressed. Such women, always illumine us with their fervent gleam of eyes and a cheerful smile. In fact they always have everything - excellent. Here is in contest winner of Miss Fitness Model - Katya, exactly everything is always fine. And it's immediately clear that on another, can not be. Very beautiful and stylish woman:

beautiful women nude - Katja


Zhenya. ("Fitness - Center"). Often, as we lose sight of the fact that real beauty can be much closer, covers glossy magazines featuring Hollywood beauties and top models. For example, look to vice-Miss Bikini - Zhenya. Look at her perfect figure, winning smile, her shapely legs and almost ideal proportions of a fitness model. Before you get involved in the chimeras, remember, beauty - she is near. Simply, we must learn to see it:

young model - Zenja


+ Maria. Strongly developed muscle and female beauty - how consistent these concepts? For some people, it is clear and close, well, for someone - totally unacceptable. We do not impose their point of view. Simply provide information for consideration. Look and make your conclusions

Sexy muscle girls - Marija


Kristina. ("Fitness - Center"). Fitness girls - most beautiful and sexy. Is it possible that someone does not agree? Dispute with the obvious argument is silly. So, let's not try to dispute the obvious things. Let's just, once again we see that it is - just that. At this time, the example of Miss Bikini, our beauty Kristina:

Miss bikini - beauty Kristina


+ Natalya. ("Fitness - Center"). For some reason, there is a legend that the green eyes, destiny of accessible women. Surely, someone really believes in this crap? Green eyes - in fatal beauties! Well and how much they will be available, it depends only on the men themselves, who are seeking their favor.

Well and in the case of Natalya, green eyes, slightly exotic addition to the beautiful and graceful woman's body. With plenty of nice lines and the bending waves:

Nataly - beautiful and graceful sexy woman's body


+ Kristina. ("Fitness - Center"). Very beautiful combination: beauty blonde with a sexual figure and green eyes.

Green eyes, very suitable to blondes. Especially, complete with such a beautifully composed figure, with slender legs, with a stunned and chest with a beautiful booty.
While taking into account all these factors, hair and eye is no longer so important. Check it yourself:

Kristana - sexual figure nude


+ Olga. ("Fitness - Center"). Summer beauty: pretty girl, walks in the garden. This babe went out for a walk in the garden, has become a wonderful addition to this natural beauty of the surrounding natural landscape. Feminine beauty is much higher than the background brightness. This is our fitness model Olga:

beautiful bottom - fitness model Olga


Lena. (Riga).Shape and volume of its elegant body - just awesome. You can easily imagine how special attention it enjoys among men. This immediately caught my eye in the contest Miss Bikini. Which Lena, confidently won. Rejoice for Lena. Especially for such a wonderful person!

Miss Bikini beautiful and elegant woman's body


+ Katya. ("Fitness - Center"). Of course, boxing, show quite bloodthirsty. And it is not suitable for women. However, here we see a clear statement. Indeed, our girls, it is not bloodthirsty. Fitness, abhors bloodthirsty. Fitness teaches us to love life and people. And enjoy the beauty. Including, of course, the beauty of the female body.

Sexual figure Katja


+ Svetlana. (Riga). Looking at the bright and brutal Svetlana, we want to say - "red" Svetlana. Looking at erotic Amazon not clear what she may have political preferences, which, in its expressive look, and bare muscular body, it must be present. It's crazy gray and dull, when even without biases. Let us banish from our lives greyness and boredom. Let's enjoy life with all its biases:

Muscle girls naked - Svetlana


+ Nastya. ("Fitness - Center"). Agree that have a similar body, like in our first Miss Bikini  - Nastya, it is dream of many womens. Well and men too - even more so. Here, there is nothing to discuss: many dream about this beautiful bodybody. Both women and men:

Nastja - victress of the first competition Miss Bikini


+ Masha. ("Fitness - Center"). Busty and leggy beauty Masha, our first finalist of the beauty contest Miss Bikini. Like most of the participants of this contest, Masha, has an almost perfectly folded body. Which is impossible not to be proud of. And it is stupid to hide and be ashamed of. Let others shy. Who has something to be ashamed of. We with Masha fully agree:

Masha - naked woman with a large breast


+ Irena. ("Fitness - Center"). These photos are from Irena, long travel through the world wide web. And often pop up again. In my opinion, deservedly so. Irena - one of the most beautiful and feminine figures of our fitness. Her body, so is breathing the natural beauty. Therefore, we are again pleased to publish the photo of Irena. This is not a sin, and repeat. Do you agree?

Most beautiful bottom - fitness girl naked from Latvia


Jana. (Russia). The woman who is engaged in fitness, is much more beautiful than that which lies on a sofa and acquires grease layers and a cellulitis. On these photos, Jana Vladimirova, shows us, what female body have moderately brawny fitness models. Well and a cigaret on a photo, it is beautiful and sexual surroundings.

beautiful sport bottom - sexy fitness girls


+ Olga ("Fitness - Center"). Eyes - one of the most expressive body parts. Especially the female body. Especially, this luxurious and sexy. Through the eyes you can transfer a thought, desire, passion, love. More often look in woman eyes. You will understand and learn s lot of new and interesting. Bright and elegant beauty Olga:

Olga. Bright and elegant beauty model


+ Svetlana. (Russia). Always nice when a beautiful and mature woman does not lose shine eyes or enthusiasm in the soul. Particularly pleased that there are women who manage to keep these important aspects of its attractiveness for many years. Meet: muscular and athletic fitness beauty - Svetlana Pugacheva:

Sexy muscle girls - Svetlana naked


+ Lilja ("Fitness - Center") Luxurious sexy beautiful woman with magnificent forms

Lilija - naked woman with a large breast


+ Natalia. ("Fitness - Center"). This fine and delicate figure, like Natalia, attracts the male gaze. On this type of sport beauty, always pay attention. Such female beauty, is what distinguishes man from an uncertain sex android. Well and our Natasha - sample of femininity and grace:

Nataly - delicate fitness figure naked


+ Natalia. (Russia). Beautiful female body athletic Amazons - what can add to it? Only - plastic and grace of movement. Creative people know: not just show the beautiful naked female body. Now this, no surprise. Must be able to show beautiful nudity. Svetlana Suvorova, knows how to do it masterfully:

Sexy muscle girls - Svetlana naked


Attention to beautiful girls: if you love beauty and fitness, as well as a happy owner of a beautiful sports figure and beautiful face, moreover, agree that beauty should be proud and stupid to hide it, feel free to send your photos to for this gallery.

The number of views for "Fitness Model" photo gallery, is rapidly approaching one million!

Looking at the bright and brutal Svetlana, we want to say - "red" Svetlana. Looking at erotic Amazon not clear what she may have political preferences, which, in its expressive look, and bare muscular body, it must be present.

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