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Classic Bench Press - Latvian Championship

Latvian benchpress championship 2016

Benchpress - Latvian championship 2016


Benchpress - Latvian championship


XXXIV - Latvia championship - 2014 (7/06/14. Daugavpils)

жим штанги лёжа - чемпионат Латвии 2014


XXXIII - Latvia championship - 2013

Alexander Bondarchuk (Daugavpils, "Fitness center")

Жим штанги лёжа - чемпионат Латвии


XXXII - Latvia championshp - 2012 (benchpress).

Absolute champion - Alexander Bondarchuk (Daugavpils, "Fitness center")

Benchpress - Latvia championship


The absolute champion of Latvia 2011 on a classical press of a bar lying, again there was Ivan Bobrov (Daugavpils, "Fitness - center"). A photo the reporting - here.

Bench Press championship Latvia


Latvian classic benchpress championship 2010 , traditionally held in the central city area of Daugavpils. Became the undisputed champion Ivan Bobrov (Daugavpils, "Fitness - Center ")

Latvian Championship 2009. Absolute Champion - Blokhin Victor (Rezekne):

Latvian Championship 2008. In this championship, won an absolute Konstantin Konstantinov (Liepaja), with the result of 245 kg:


Results and report from the Latvian Championship 2007 - here. Absolute Champion - Vladislav Labudz (Daugavpils,"Fitness - Center")


Protocol and a photo of the Latvian Championship 2006 - here Absolute Champion - Ivars Ozols (Jelgava)


Protocol and a photo of the Latvian Championship 2005 - here Absolute Champion - Labudz Vladislav (Daugavpils, "Fitness-Center")


Protocol and a photo of the Latvian Championship 2004 - here Absolute Champion - Labudz Vladislav (Daugavpils, "Fitness - Center")


Bar and racks on which Arnold Schwarzenegger trained

  The first competition, in which our athletes have participated in a classical bench press, passed in 1968 in Klaipeda ("Amber Prix"). Best Latvian benchpress sportsman was Boris Sharov, with the result 130 kg.
  The first Latvia classical bench press championship, has been spent in 1981 in Daugavpils (the champion - Sergey Ignatyev - 175 kg) and since then regularly there are spent. Present weight categories (75, 90, 105 and +105), have been entered in 2004.


- Technology of performance classic bench press: sportsman lie down on a bench, alone or with partner (s) removes barbell from the racks, puts it to breast until it touches and squeezes up (pause in the lower phase is not required), after fixing the barbell to direct hands, athlete himself (or - with the help of partners) puts barbell to rack.
- in the classic bench press is prohibited: use regimes shirts for powerlifting, use bandages, during exercise hitting barbell on breast, take your pelvis off the bench ("Bridge "). During exercise barbell should move horizontally floor, without distortions.
- the maximum allowed width grip barbell - 70 cm
- in the a classic bench press competitions are held among the men in the following categories: up to 75 kg, 90 to 105 and over 105 kg.

Absolute Latvia classical bench press champion (260 kg) Konstantin Konstantinov:


Konstantin Konstantinov and Oleg Burinsky - bench press

Latvia classical bench press record-holders:

Category  Name  City  Record 

+105 kg Konstantinov Konstantin (Liepaja) - 260 kg
-105 kg Melkumjan Grigorijs (Riga) - 220 kg
-90 kg  Shishonkovs Dmitrijs (Daugavpils) - 205 kg

 -75 kg  Malashonok Alexandr (Ventspils) - 167,5 kg


1981. Daugavpils. Classic bench press, performs Gregory Kutsyn.


Minister of the Interior of Latvia, Eric Ekabson, Latvian classical bench press championship:


Mayor of Daugavpils Aleksey Vidavsky awarding winners of the Latvian classical bench press championship:


Latvian Minister of Defence, Dainis Turlais awards Oleg Burinskiy honorary diploma "For his contribution to the development of athletic sports in the Latvia:


Our champions with Miss Fitness Model 2010 winner:

Bench Press and Fitness Model WFF

Photo reports and the protocols from past Latvian classic benchpress championships, look here. Latest news - on the last page.

All interested persons can take part in the spring Latvian classic benchpress championship, Please send your applications to

On Latvian classic bench press championship  it is possible  to receive classic benchpress title - "Master of Sports"by doing normative.

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