Latvian Championship

Latvian Championship on bodybuilding and fitness.

 XXXVI Latvia championship 2016 overall winners - Romanov Dmitry and Kimber Olga

XXXVI Latvia championship 2016 - bodybuilding and fitness


XXXV Latvia championship 2015 overall winners - Labudz Vlad ang Freiberge Kristine

bodybuilding and fitness - Latvian championship 2015


XXXIV Latvia championship 2014 winner champions - Jurans Normunds and Ineta Rijniece

Latvia bodybuilding championship


XXXIII Latvia championship 2013 winners

Dmitry Romanov (Daugavpils, "Fitness Center") and Pechkureva Anastasia (Liepaja). Photos here

Latvia championship 2013 - bodybuilding and fitness3 года


Until 1980 inclusive, in Latvia there was some national championships on bodybuilding. Our best athletes competed in neighboring Lithuania.

In 1981, Daugavpils, held the first Latvian Championship (at that time - Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic) on body building (at that time - athleticism). Since this year, in Latvia have started their own national championships each year (even if they were not official).
In 1997, Latvia WFF (we were admitted to the WFF-international) was officially registered by the government continued to hold competitions in the new status - OFFICIAL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP of Latvia ON BODYBUILDING And FITNESS


1981: Maris Shvejduks and  Oleg Burinskiy

WFF NABBA Latvia - Oleg Burinsky and Maris Shveiduks


The first Latvia bodybuilding championship (1981. Daugavpils). In the center: the absolute champion of the first Latvia championship - Stanislav Poljakov:


Absolute Latvia champions 1997 - Aivars Visotskis & Marina Burinska:

WFF Latvia Aivars and Marina


1999 - Aivars Visotskis & Marina Burinska:

WFF Latvia Aivars and Marina


Undisputed Latvia bodybuilding champion   2003  , was Alexander Maslovsky  :

WFF Latvia bodybuilding final


2005 - Maris Klavins & Svetlana Borisova:

WFF Latvia Oleg Burinsky


Latvian bodybuilding championship  2006:

WFF Latvia championship photo


Latvia absolute champions 2008  - Normunds Yurans & Maria Deksne

WFF Latvia Oleg Burinsky.

WFF Latvia championship photo


Latvia Champions: Normunds Jurans and Vitaly Alexandrov:

WFF Latvia Normunds Jurans and Vitalij Alexandrov

Photo gallery of Latvia bodybuilding and fitness championships, is here . Latest news - on last page.

Any Latvian athlete can take part in the annual Latvia bodybuilding and fitness championship. The application forms for participation, send to

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