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Miss Fitness Model Latvia:

2017 - Malina Darja

2016 - Rezaeva Anastasija

2015 - Vevrice Aurika

2014 - Volodina Victorija

2013 - Chivcha Inara
2012 - Leonteva Arina
2011 - Nezivenko Karina
2010 - Stacevich Karolina
2009 - Drizlenok Victorija
2008 - Savich Julija
2007 - Horovech Ekaterina
2006 - Elksninja Rita
2005 - Marackovska Olga


Miss Fitness Model Latvia 2014.


Winner champione - Victorija Volodina

Victoria Volodina and Oleg Burinsky


Miss Fitness Model of Latvia 2012 - Arina Leontjeva

Arina - fitness model from Latvia


Miss Fitness Model of Latvia 2011 - Carolina Statsevich.


President of Parliament of Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger's close friend professor Alfred Gerstl,

"founding father" of a category "Miss fitness model"  - Oleg Burinsky and

Arnold Schwarzenegger Kurt Marnul's trainer,

congratulate Karinu Nezhivenko (Latvia) on a worthy place on Miss Fitness Model World 2011 (Austria, Graz):

Miss Fitness Model Karina and Oleg Burinsky


Category of model fitness, spearheaded by Oleg Burinsky, was first introduced by WFF in 2004 (the championship of Latvia, and then - the European Championship in Riga) and quickly spread throughout the world.
Winner of the first championship of Latvia on the model fitness was Olga Marachkovskaya.
In the international arena, fitness model, was first presented at the European Championships in Riga WFF.

Miss Fitness Model Latvia


Miss Fitness Model World 2009 - Rita Elksninja (Latvia)

Miss Fitness Model Latvia Rita Elksninja



If we take any kind of sport, and consider the different angles, in addition to the positive side, without fail, find and disadvantages. In every sport, they are different, but they will - have.

So, I tried to analyze the weaknesses of the model fitness, and - did not find them. That is - not found at all!
Just think yourself: a fitness model - beautiful, slim, healthy (sick person can not be beautiful). She leads a healthy lifestyle is not restricted to the training schedule (missed classes, anything - next time you give a little more load), Power (overeaten: next day - hungry) to pharmacology. Her workout is not quite traumatic, not exhausting physically and mentally.

The beauty and harmony of the figure - make a lot of bonuses in life. People unconsciously and instinctively reach for beauty. And it means - a wide circle of friends and friendly attitude. That means a lot more opportunities for career growth (of any employer, other conditions being equal, will promote beautiful and healthy employees. It's - face of a company) looking for work (in the first place, and take away those who like appearance), creating high-quality family etc.

Model fitness is ideal for women and it is beautiful and harmonious way, fits into our very Life. Fitness model, live, fully enjoying life and getting away from it all, possible bonuses.


Rita Elksninja, on a cover of new number of Austrian magazine FitnessNEWS:

Fitness News Rita Elksninja

Photo gallery of ours fitness models here. The latest news - on last page.

In modeling fitness competition in Latvia, can take part any model. Your application (preferably with photo) send to us:

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