WFF Universe (bodybuilding and fitness)

WFF Universe (bodybuilding, fitness)

WFF/NABBA Universe 2016 (Orlando, USA)

WFF_NABBA Universe 2016


WFF/NABBA Universe 2015 (Marsel, France)

WFF/NABBA Universe 2015 Marsel, France

WFF Universe 2013 - 15.06.13. Greece

WFF Universe 2013 - photo bodybuilding

WFF Universe 2013 champion - Ali Asghar Mofarrahi Dalir (Iran)

WFF Universe 2013 - Ali Asghar Mofarrahi Dalir (Iran)


WFF Universe 2012 - 9.06.12 - Baden

WFF Universe - bodybuilding category


WFF Universe 2011 (Austria). Photo gallery. 


In the Olympic sports, Olympic Games will be the main competitions.

  Unfortunately, bodybuilding and fitness, aren't included into the list of those. Well it or is bad, a question special and we won't go deep into it now.

  For us (bodybuilders) "Universe" tournament is like "Olympic Games" and not less important, than the World bodybuilding and fitness championship.

Latvian Bodybuilding and Athleticism federation began to take part in the "Universe" tournaments, held by WFF-international since their inception.

The two-multiple, absolute champion of "Universe" - Marina Burinska

Marina Burinska with legendary athletes of the 20th century: Reg Park, Steve Reeves, Bill Pearl

1998 year. London.

Bodybuilding NABBA WFF

Photo galleries from Universe tournaments look here (latest news - on the last page)

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