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WFF World 2016

WFF World championship 2016


WFF World 2012

WFF World - bodybuilding


WFF World 2012 Overall-winner - Pero Tomas (Croatia)

Bodybuilding - WFF World


WFF World championship 2011 (5.11. Graz, Austria). More photo. 

WFF World championship - bodybuilding final



The World championship – the main competitions in sports any kind. Including bodybuilding and fitness. All previous competitions: the championships of areas, the Countries, Continent, as well as all kinds of cups, it's just steps to achieve the ultimate goal: getting a title of Champion of the World.

In Olympic sports, there is high peak - the Olympic Games. For bodybuilding and fitness Universe and Olympia tournaments is like the similar top.

I will remind that the athletes representing his country at the World Cup, must have the title "national champion". Otherwise, the World Cup, loses its meaning.

But when has passed the first World championship on body building? Personally I have found the oldest mention of the similar competitions declared as "World championship", in the reporting of 1914: the World championship on the body building, passed in St.-Petersburg. The world champion on body building, on it became, remarkable Russian body builder Konstantin Stepanov.

WFF World championships , traditionally, pass every autumn (November).

For the first time, the Latvian body builders have taken part in the World championship in 1997. It were: Marina Burinska, Ajvar Visotskis and Maris Shvejduks.

WFF World championship 1997 final photo


WFF World championship  1998:


In 2004, Marina Burinska (Latvia) become the absolute champion of the most numerous World championship, for all history of bodybuilding and fitness (748 participants from 38 countries)

Marina Burinska World champione


Alexandr Baldin WFF World championship 2005:


Mario Hemmer - WFF World 2010 champion of bodybuilding

WFF World championship - Mario Hemmer

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