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Sexy anime girls.

bodybuilding humour

humor female bodybuilding

Humour sexy fitness girl

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humour bodybuilding and fitness


bikini model - humor foto


Sexy babes - anime


WFF Universe - sexy muscle girl


WFF Universe - humour photo


male fitness - humour photo


- It my the namesake Dmitry Romanov. On competitions in Greece he went round Austrian and became champion WFF/NABBA Universe

WFF NABBA Universe - humour photo


WFF Universe 2013

WFF Universe 2013 - humor photo


Bodybuilding humour photo


Fitness babes nude - humour photo


King Bodybuilding Ronnie Coleman - so passes worldly glory:

Ronnie Coleman - King of bodybuilding


Humour photo - sexy fitness girl


Bodybuilders on drying is such frightful!

Humour photo - bodybuilding


Bodybuilding and fitness from Latvia - humour photo


Laid up photo after competitions


WFF World bodybuilding humour photo

WFF World - bodybuilding humour photo


WFF World humour photo:

Humour photo - WFF World championship


Certainly, you are right: religion is not cause for jokes.
But very heaved up me a mood, here such here Jesus bodybuilder, that I found out on a central area Veins, on the temple of 15th century:

Jesus - first bodybuilder?


Unsuccessful landing (WFF Universe)

Humour photo from WFF Universe


"Fitness center" of action - only for good people!:

Hitler - humour photo


Humour photo - miss fitness model category


Humour photo - miss fitness model category


Remember that talks our trainer: "Want to become bodybuilder are pashas the whole year round"

Bodybuilding humour photo



Fitness hall "Ramzes" - dried up on a maximum! (as a mummy)

Ramzes - dried up on a maximum!


WFF Universe

WFF Universe - humour photo beautiful fitness girl


WFF Universe - humor. beautiful ass.


Humor photo - bodybuilding


Most pretty women with a little breast, it would be wanted to increase her.

Most pretty women with a large breast, would not like, what pretty women with a little breast she was increased:

Sexy fitness girls with a large breast


- Will we play with balls?

Will we play in balls?


Warning clients  "Fitness center"  : whoever will take away after itself dumb-bells, that photo we will hang out on our disgraceful board.
you will there between Hitler and Berija hang!

Sexy fitness girl - humor photo


- Me have forced to lift iron... But I love - basketball!

WFF World championship - humor photo


It was lost...

Photo WFF World championship 2011

WFF World - humour photo


Photo WFF World championship 2011. More photo here

WFF World championship - humor. Borbala Szokol / Zoltan Vasarhelyi (Hungary)

Borbala Szokol / Zoltan Vasarhelyi (Hungary)


Schwarzenegger is dissatisfied: "Who there without demand, touches my bar?"
(From which Arnold, trained in the sixties)

Arnold Schwarzenegger - humor


Aivars Visotskis

Latvian bodybuilding Aivars Visotskis


beautiful and sporting female erotica


Bodybuilding from Fitness center - humor


Presidential dances:
The president of Latvia Guntis Ulmanis, dances on the central city square of Daugavpils with world over all winners champion, Miss Universe WFF - Marina Burinsky (at the left) and the director of the Center of the Latvian Culture - Reginoj the Osmanli Turk:

Marina Burinska and President Latvia Guntis Ulmanis


Beach humor


Bench Press - anime humor


Victor Sharco - humor photo


Exact copy:


Young bodybuilder. Impressed!

Although I do not know how to treat this (I'm not a doctor) - the level of testosterone in the boy, clearly exceeds the limit. At such a tender age ...


For Eugene Naglis ("Fitness Centr"), 124 kg - not weight:

Oleg Burinsky - humor photo


Double pleasure:


"Star" of bodybuilding, newly "Mr. Universe"- Alexander Nevsky Kuritsyn at the time of his "triumph":


"Man, I do not have the honor to be you an idea, but let me bother you a question - do not want to surrender?".

  (Vladimir Polyakov, after the World Cup):

Bodybuilding humour photo


What is he a barbarian, this Conan!


Class breast of Marek Kalmus!

Bodybuilding and fitness nude girl


All - OK!


Yurans Normunds: "All I'll kill you - one will stay!"


Midnight in the "Banzai" - Aivars Visotskis, surrounded Daugavpils beauties:

Latvian bodybuilding Aivars Visotskis - humor


Arnold Schwarzenegger: "When, I was big and scary!"


As stated in dietetics: a man is what he eats:


Machine for bench press bar lying - you can swing everywhere:


In the spring, so you want all the big, kind and bright. And you begin to realize that tits are not as beautiful girl!

... Although there is no ... boobs ... - All right.

WFF Latvia Oleg Burinsky - humor photo


Meow - what a triceps! =)

super man ass - humor anime



Champion bodybuilders Natalia Murnikovene and vice-mayor of Daugavpils Vladislav Driksne, rest in the "Banzai":


Beautiful girl, will not leave indifferent any normal man:


The case on the beach - a bodybuilder and Beauty:


A new free program of Alexandr Lyubomirova, replete with new, complex elements:

Alexander Lyubomirov - bodybuilding from Latvia


Jurij Guchan:

Jurij Guchan - humor


Bonya, a heavy fist. Knockout?


The strong hand of Maris Shvejduks, reliably preserves our Olga, from lewd pawing any impudent boors:

Maris Shvejduks and fitness model - humor


It is a lot of humour photo  here 


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