bodybuilding humour (jokes about pitching)

I often dream of a dream in which I train in the "Fitness center".

I am very happy about that. After all, do fitness is very useful.


I only listen to Weider's, heart and mother. Everyone else is talking nonsense.


Latvian scientists have found that training in "Fitness center" 6.8 times more efficient than in the Olympic center.

Sponsor of the study - "Fitness Center".


beef cake - humor anime


Muscle head, which fell from the second floor, broke the first.


muscle head


- Hear, muscle head, and you accept a viagra?
- No. And for what she?
- Well that you could have sex for two-three times for night.
- Calming, that?


Muscle head is late home from training. A wife begins to yell on him, pokes with a finger in a clock.
Muscle head:
are you to me what ... on a clock does show?! you know here, that mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger on a calendar showed him!


Popular science library: "Bodybuilding in zero gravity."


- And you, beef cake, you love your wife?
- Of course! What makes it worse than others?


Skinny and little karate, and yes even if wearing glasses - much more dangerous bullies. After all, they evoke the feeling that they can be rude with impunity.


Art bodybuilder - humour


- Muscled, why do you have such a back curve?
- And I have a level?


An elderly lady came with her companion to compete in bodybuilding:
- Look at that bodybuilder. It's not Steve Reeves?
- What are you, my dear, he's dead!
- No, no, look - moving!


bodybuilder and trainer


Ronnie boy in his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, and was Coleman.


I'm on 7498362209816539093 place in the list of top bodybuilders Planet.


And I have a friend, he is a lawyer and a bodybuilder: arguing with him is useless


Man I'm nervous. That's why I have a cheap phone.


Bodybuilder training - period of time between the desire to eat, and the desire to sleep


- Do you take steroids?
- No, but in moderation.

Крутой качок - Сильвестр Сталлоне


Two of the most common diseases of guys who do not play sports - skoleoz and virginity.


Once, during sexual intercourse, a bodybuilder was necrophilia.


Bodybuilders say: strength, muscle, endurance ... But let them try to raise the optical myshu so that the cursor did not move!


"What a tough muscles!" - Thought kanibal chewing bodybuilder arm.


Due to the fact that 99.9% of bodybuilders use illicit stimulants, shadow falls on the honor of the entire bodybuilding!


- Natasha, I so on you became bored!
- But we today met already.
- So for me in fact sport organism. I can miss on a few one time per a day.


Control got on a stimulant. Appeared clean. Now with a dealer it is been us about what to talk.


President WFF/WBBF Edmundas Daubaras arrived with an official visit in Kremlin, but it was closed.


- Dad, and to me a teacher at school said that I am a son dull beef cake.
- That for nonsenses! I tomorrow will go and will talk with him.
- Well. Only do so that it looked as an accident.


In bodybuilding training there are things more frightful than laziness is zeal of fools.


Real bodybuilder never eats the last chop from a frying pan: however will eat one's fill one chop, and an empty frying pan will be to wash.


Body-building - sport is individual. But a command spirit soars in the combined teams of Countries similarly. That is especially strong in weak athletes.


Bodybuilder-optimist - it that who gathering on training takes with itself condoms.


Bodybuilder - most unreliable and vulnerable part of trainer.


I want to hang up in a house on a wall the map of Europe and to stick pins in those places, where I competed.
Only first I will have to go in those two places on the edges of map, that she did not fall off.


Bodybuilder Gans dreamed that he won million dollars in a lottery. But even in sleep he managed to expend all these money in pharmacology yet till woke up.


- Was on FIBO, bought cheap protein.
- do I Hope what took and to itself and me?
- Yes, and to itself and me.


Sex. For someone it is love, for other the debauch. And for body-builders is physical education!

Art humour men and two woman bodybuilders


Possibilities of pharmacology are boundless! Possibilities of bodybuilders limit only.


Specially for bodybuilder, created anti viagra, what they could concentrated and seriously practice in one hall with fitness girls.

Art bodybuilding - humour anime


It is said that when in 1890 Latvians thought of power athletics, then on gladnesses arranged a feast on that ate 35 rams.
Since rams do not love power athletics.


On a World championship on a body-building, the Latvian bodybuilder occupied and does not give.


Bodybuilder whispers on an ear to the pretty woman:
- And does want, I will show magic love to you?
- Оооо! And it as?
- We will do some work sex and I will disappear.


- Advise what hit of type "Terminator" or "Rambo".
- "Terminator 2", "Rambo 2".
- Thank you!


This summer, I want to come forward on Latvia championship benchpress.
I have such tradition: every summer to want to come forward on  Latvia championship benchpress.


Often, hearing prices on steroids, it seems that a salesman wants not money and in a muzzle.


After heavy squat, I sleep as kill. Me even several times outlined a chalk.


Bodybuilders HD. Bodybuilders of enhanceable separation and clearness.


- Does bodybuilding?
- Yes.
- How many time?
- Half eleventh.


Lifting girl


Power of nuclear explosion is equal to 315200000000 kkal.
That approximately corresponds 6,3 thousand tons of protein of Mega Mass 2000.


"Even I in an offseason do not look as Ronnie Coleman" (Ronnie Coleman).


A skunk has no need to be strong. Him and so all respect.


Drunk strongmen, draggling a log, in the beginning dropped him on a leg, and then invented a wheel.


Body-building, as sport, reminds a singer Madonna me: he is so much years, and he all beautiful!


Say to steroids there: "Not money"!


Do you think, bodybuilding, it so simply? Yes, all is simple. But quite not so.


- Pack of dianabol.
- Methane is not present.
- That does dianabol it is not?!
- It the same, that is, only vice versa.

Art bodybuilding - beef cake


A pretty woman asks bodybuilder:
 - And do you hold what нибудь animals at home?
- Certainly. I have the boiled hen and crab sticks.cks.


285 kg benchpress lying Alexander Kuritsin-Nevsky when he one and nobody sees.


Two laws of hard bodybuildind:
1. you will not get used - will die.
2. you will not die - will get used.


As talks Ronnie Coleman: "I, Ronnie Coleman".


Formula-1 for bodybuilder: deca + sustanon.


Dārgi kultūristi, ne pērciet prezervatīvus! Lai fiziski veselu ļaužu būs vairāk!


Is there whose there black "Jaguar" at an entrance in "Fitness - center" costs?
...There yet sex of jar remained. ... Will I drink up?


When Ronnie Coleman inundates on an auto to priming petrol, then he presses out from a column on 2 litres more than ordinary driver.


Doing artificial respiration, Ronnie Coleman by chance burst girl.


Ronnie Coleman walks in the zoo of not so much beasts to look, how many of itself to show


It is important not so, who will win on Universe. Important, who will win in Third World!

Art bodybuilding


If you are a high, muscular, blue-eyed body-builder - does not come on a beach! Give a chance to other.


And we the bodybuilders we name our as well as other name the bodybuilders our tossing, and other bodybuilders other. But, unlike other, for us our tossing our, and other - other.


- And are you a true champion WFF Universe?
- Yes.
- But as are you called?
- Abolfazl Boghrabat.
- It you now two times at a keyboard butted or such name is really?

WFF Universe - bodibildinga kategorija. Abolfazl.


I cost as that on the stage in the finale of "Olympia", and suddenly... Alarm clock!


- And do you know that to the body-builders death comes with a barbell?
- With what?
- With unlifting!


art body building


I am considered an excellent body-builder.
In a narrow circle.
In a very narrow circle.
A mother considers that I am beautifully rolled.


The first mention about the Latvian bodybuilding meets yet at Pushkin.
Alexander Sergeevich broke up a word the "Latvian bodybuilding" on letters and littered them about text of "Evgeny Onegin".


Art bodybuilder - drawn beef cake


The first muscles Dmitry pumped up carrying the brief-case of favourite girl at school.

A girl, in turn, became insolent, put on weight and престала to be sweet one.


- As did training pass?
- Horse-radish.
- And че so?
- the gate of hell Opened up, and choir of hundreds of the tortured souls was filled apartment.
- did Come after dinner, when there are full schoolchildren in a hall?
- Aha.


During implementation of figure traction, Konstantin Konstantinov declared: "e-e-e-e-e". End quotation.


A mosquito, biting Konstantin Konstantinov, swelled not from blood, and from self-respect.


Ronnie Coleman  lives in Washington, Dmitry Romanov lives in Daugavpils.
Now you see as Dmitry Romanov far to Ronnie Coleman.


When bodybuilder a film looked "Terminator", turned off electricity.
But bodybuilder put a bold laugh on and examined a film in a mirror.


Dmitry Romanov combines in itself lines of Franco Zane, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Paul Dillet.
Actually: aesthetics, muscular mass and a bit with nonsense.


- Hello Olga.
- Hello Arthur. And you that does do here?
- And I decided to be too pumped. Here, in "Fitness center" came to be written down
it is clear. And here you what does do?
- And that?
- But the same is a woman shower!


When did a business concern AUDI develop the logotype, then they asked at bodybuilder, that does him such powerful?
Bodybuilder answered honestly:
- I swallow four pills before every training...


136 bulbs were counted by the judge of "WBBF Universe" on the stage, during the performance of Alexander Nevsky.


Dmitry Romanov steepest bodybuilder in "Fitness center". If certainly, you did not meet in "Fitness center" more steep bodybuilder. That hardly because Dmitry Romanov steepest bodybuilder in "Fitness center".

Fitness center - bodybuilding and fitness


Finding out the skeleton of muscular dinosaur, scientists confirmed that bodybuilding is the most ancient sport on Earth.


With such steep bodybuilders, defenders and support, girls can sleep calmly!


Latvian bodybuilders, veica akciju "Sekss pret anabolic". Kā noskaidrojās, sekss pret anabolic neviens vīģe nepalīdz. Bet bija izcili!


Hello, Weider, father of the modern bodybuilding! You are welcomed by your colleague is Oleg Burinsky: the once removed nephew of brother-in-law of elder brother of sister on the paternal line of bodybuilding!


The highest body-builder of Latvia Raivis Biilzens lives on the first floor. And a bit on the third.


- Trainer, how long to wait me, while will I become the real bodybuilder?
- If to wait, then long.


With weight nowhere coldly.


- Hello, and bodybuilder Bonja in your hall practices?
- He anymore is not present with us.
- As not???!!!
- He went across to occupy in other hall.
- F-u-u-u...
- And died.


Most popular SMS-report for Victor Sharco: "and I you too".


Victor Sharco so beautiful, that encephalitis claws him do not bite, and kiss.


Foolish bodybuilder had a drink demidrol, washed down a power engineering specialist and practiced as usual.


Bodybuilder Bonja returned with Havai to disappointed. He thought that there all walk naked, in skirts from leaves and with the shell of coconut on a head. And he one there was such.


Not symmetric bodybuilder walks not straight, and where will outweigh.


Recently bodybuilders "Fitness - center" went to the market and bought three kilogram beef language. Then bore him home, but on a road lost. Then returned back and found him. ... So, that it did I want to say? ... A! As well, when you with friends find a common language!

Anime bodybuilding


Bodybuilder Bonja did not drive from childhood. For example, in kinder-surprises toys met all children, and to him, incomprehensible yellow ovals.


Bodybuilder Bonja contracted with a firm Muscletech.
Muscletech will feed him to death, and then will get his apartment.


A pretty woman talks tossing:
- And why condom such shabby?
- Happy! He me yet tricked into never.


- Are you why dumb-bell does not lay into place?
- And you who such?
- I am a queen of England, I appoint you... you that idiot? I am a cleaner!


Anime art bodybuilder


Whether you know, that a smile Lee Haney occupies 65% of his head.


The young tossing practice in a hall and see such picture: goes out a locker room old bodybuilder, hung up to itself a bag on the masculine dignity and goes home. Tossing:
- Are you that, Petrovich, did go bughouse?
- Old I became, guys, and load heavy. Hands I will rock, so they a bag do not hold.


Bodybuilder Bonja found outside a pocket-book with a 2 000 euro. As every honest and decent man he did not begin to act.


It is talked that women love ears, men - by a stomach and only bodybuilders love correctly.


Judge bodybuilder. Judge:
- Do you acknowledge itself guilty in the group raping?
- No, Your honour.
- Sit down. Group of raped, get up!


As that one time, Alexander Ljubomirov saved honour to 4 girls! Because fell asleep.


125 kilogram Konstantin Konstantinov, spends on lowering in an elevator a little time.


When young bodybuilder Gena walked in sleep, parents found him asleep in a doorway.


- Trainer, and when will we already begin to study a benchpress?

- Later. And while we continue to wash a stair.


And it Alexander Ljubomirov trainer and to him patients arrive on all head. Ouch, from all Riga!


As that one time, Alexander Bondarchuk fought with Vitaly Klychko. Alexander Bondarchuk won. Because boxing, it boxing, and vulture from a barbell, it is a vulture from a barbell.


At school, loving Alexander Ljubomirov carried for 15 brief-cases in a day.


On September 1, a first-class boy Alexander Ljubomirov did not give flowers to the teacher, because counted up, that for them nothing to turn out.


Whether you know, that teacher-bodybuilder, causes the parents of student at once for school.


Bodybuilding drawn humour


Alexander Bondarchuk, was allegedly not noticed by the employees of supermarket of "Rimi", when carried a refrigerator by a cashdesk.


Latvia championship benchpress, more than 12 tons of sportsmen gathered.


Alexander Kurichin Nevsky was not known outside gave a dusting. It was yet lucky him, whatever was known!


All visitors of trainer halls, divided by two categories: one, entering a hall, exclaim: "Oh, who I see"!, other: "And I came"!

Bodybuilding. Interesting photos and pictures.

Bodybuilding madness is reiteration of the the same system of training, by a the same method, in expectant of different results.


Muscle head, jealous the pretty woman of every post left all district without light.


A dandy tells a body-builder:
- I though and do not have such body as for you, but on me however all girls dry.
- Yes? And on me they get wet.


Training without a benchpress is subscription on wind.


Alexander Bondarchuk always opens doors in a necessary to him side.


"Let it remain between you and me" - said muscle head, putting a condom on


Went as that one time Alexander Bondarchuk in the forest. On an elk to look and to declare oneself.


The good system of training is a result of experience. And experience is a result of the bad systems of training.


As exactly ancient sages said: "All flows, all changes".
Yesterday here a vial flowed for a cocktail. It was to change.


Appears, Latvia championship on a benchpress, for Alexander Bondarchuk decided to take a stimulant test.
But nobody decided to walk up to him with it.


As that one time, Alexander Bondarchuk opens a refrigerator, peeps inward, and there the jellied trembles:
- Do not tremble, - he talks to him - is I after a catchup.


Even be well away a drink, Alexander Bondarchuk always spends the night at home. Thus it can appear your house.


As that one time, Alexander Bondarchuk ate the whole pelvis of meat dumplings, but however remained hungry.
Because a pelvis was little, and Alexander Bondarchuk was an athlete.


Appears, Alexander Bondarchuk, can twirl locks on a barbell west-to-east.


Bodybuilder rings to women:
- What does engage in?
- Оооо! I so you I love, miss recklessly, it so badly me without you. you dream to me every night, I can not without you live. And you?
- Curd I eat ...

anime beautiful ass


Not every beef cake will bite a rail!


A son tells a father-bodybuilder:
- Dad, I want to take up ballroom dances!
- it Is not sonny, it is dangerous.
- But why?
- I to you feet I will break.

Art bodybuilder - drawn


A natural body-builder is an athlete that in a pharmacy nothing is necessary. Only condoms.


One time, in crossing the street in the unfixed place, Alexander Bondarchuk hammered together a car.


- I love you!
- And I love you!
- And who stronger?
- Alexander Bondarchuk!


Muscleman Hans, long looked at the handle from the exercise machine. Then decided that its place at all in hands. Here so there was a German sex industry.


Take an interview at professional strongman: 

- Say Artis, but as you live in spare from training time? 

- Well, on life, I am lazy and I like to eat up... Farther to tell laziness... I will go to eat up.


A grand-dad decided that not such he and patient, seeing how many pills bodybuilder accepts before training.


Yesterday went for the exhibition of tribal bulls. Returned with a medal!art bodybuilder






After training, our professional strongman Artis Plivda lives on principle: to "eat bothered  sleep". And in the flow of twenty-four hours puts a comma in different places.

- Bodybuilder, and that do you anymore like: chic women or chic cars?
- Whether see, if not cars - I would not have time to all pretty women at that I make good. And if there were not pretty women - so to go as though as nowhere...

Art erotic. Sexy woman and moto


















It is well-proven: all, whoever walked in a trainer hall, died afterwards. 

- Trainer, and ham more useful what sausage?
- Now even smoking is useful what sausage.

Our advices: If during a benchpress, a barbell in 200 kg pinned to you a throat and there is nobody to help to take off her, try to publish kvakaju sounds.
It will not help, certainly, but nevertheless


When I read about harm of steroids, then left off to read.


- I hate bodybuilders!
- And for example tigers, respect elephants, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses... lice - nobody.


Self-confident beginning bodybuilder Artem, tells the colleague:
- Through many years, people will talk about" Fitness  center": Here when that Artem Pupkin practiced!
Voice from trainer's room:
- If will not learn to take away after itself iron, then people will so talk already tomorrow!


Tossing can offend each. But not everybody will have time to be sorry!


On the forum of hung out photo: muscular pilose hand tossing, gently pets remarkable in all respects woman ass.
Further comment:
- It Is sorry that it is not my hand!
Immediately answer:
- Be glad, that it not your ass!


- It is pretty Woman, and do you animals love?
- Are you that, beef cake, to me suggestion does do?

beef cake - bodybuilder


Moses said: "All from God".
Solomon said: "All from a mind".
Jesus said: "All from a heart".
Marks said: "All from necessities".
Freud said: "All from sex".
Einstein said: "All is relative".
Weider said: "All from muscular mass".
How many jewries - so much opinions.


Bodybuilding is an advertisement of fitness : by the cost of damage of health some, a health gets better many.

Art bodybuilder - monster mass















Secured a body-builder in the bensh press. He:

- Thank you.
- And not for what - I answer him.
- Clear that not for what, but I cultural!


They bodybuilded long and happily, and died in one day


Steepest mass, on our Planet - for a blue whale. All other is nonsense.


Came to occupy in a trainer hall. The first, trial employment did not please. Therefore decided to pay at once for a year forward and anymore there not to walk.


Say to steroids - fairly!


- Listen, bodybuilder, I was finally got by your sexual perversion! For you in fact all taken only to bodybuilding and sex, and anymore you ни about what neither to talk nor can not think! All ! We anymore is a not pair! Let us remain friends simply.
- Well. But as do you behave to sex with friends?

Sex bodybuilding - naked girls


- Say bodybuilder, and how many for you occupies to time between an acquaintance with a girl outside and sex with her?
- I can not so exactly answer Well. you know, not always there is a desire after sex, to go out with her of doors and why that yet and to meet.


I intend to live and bodybuild always! While all goes according to plan...

Bodybuilding - art muscle comix


Announcement is in a hall: to "Give up barbells and dumb-bells on the floor, settled only to the morons and persons to them equated". It is talked, operates convincingly.


- is Syringe?
- Busy.


Vitaly Alexandrov, conducts competitions is the "press without rules". Basic rule - no rules But even and this rule does not operate!


Modest fitness pretty girl, deciding, bodybuilder talks:
- So to be, I will take up with you sex. But only that all would be, as in the cinema!
- And all will be, as you want!
Bodybuilder read with her sex in all positions, then on a person ended her...
A pretty woman wipes oneself :
- Yes, beef cake, the different cinema we look with you...

Sex bodybuilding - sado mazo


Fitness girls  , if bodybuilder attentively looks to you in a mouth, then it does not yet mean that he attentively listens you... He can simply tried on.


Trainer, influences young powerlifters on the serious training:
- will Memorize, guys. If want to become such as Konstantin Konstantinov, then for you there no longer are words "I do not can", "I am heavy", "I got" tired. I am only - "I am a lazy animal"...


Bodybuilder heavily - they sweat. But yet worse to the boxers are they even to scratch eggs to itself does not can.



Bodybuilder, if to love, then such pretty woman with that it would be not ashamed to meet on eyes to the wife.


Bodybuilder - mutant of man

Bodybuilding - Dorian


Farted on the stage - here most memorizable, that he did in the competition bodybuilding.


Me it can win over neither in bodybuilding nor in powerlifting! I do not compete.


Bodibilders, remember: way to the refrigerator of woman, lies through her heart!


This toast for natural bodybuilders, that was pumped full without steroid... And other mythical personages!


- And let us talk about love.

- Let. I love quetching on the squared beams and benchpress.


Bodybuilder without a barbell, only without a barbell.

bodybuilder is similar with a barbell - bench press


Steroid, it not only harmful but also useful!


And will be with bodybuilding on eternal times: force, mass and acceleration!


A bodybuilder is easy to protect dissertation, what to write her.


If who that badly speaks of bodybuilding - I am sorry him. You do not can - kill him.

body-builder carving the body from a stone


In a body-building, all people are divided by two parts: overhead and lower.

Bodybuilding - art muscle comix


For journeys on competitions, Artis Plivda bought large, specially sewn together for strong man, Vietnamese bag. Arrives home, opens, and there Vietnamese... bottom finishes!


Many body-builders think that they are better, than I am actually.
I, vice versa, actually better, than of itself I think.

Conan - bodybuilding anime warns: overdrying abbreviates the number of body-builders!


The broken jaw clear it is said that a joke about a body-builder appeared unsuccessful.


Actually, sport of strong is equestrianism! Therefore horse occupy them.


- And from where in you is force such, mouse?
- And I 3 in an apartment for Artis Plivda  lived! There it be not that mise, the cockroaches of slipper inverted there!

bodybuilding Artis Plivda - strong man


The command of Vatican, has taken part in the championship of Italy on body building.

Results: John Pavel - Second, Bennedikt - Sixteenth.


Bodybuilder Markus Ruhl likes to go to the zoo. Because they throw him a meal.


Bodybuilder Markus Ruhl, killed exactly as many people as you can eat.


Bodybuilder decided that his body - a masterpiece and hung in the Louvre.


- And that - Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who do not knows him? He in 1967, the championship of Austria won the bench press.


6 precepts of the muscleman:
- Never, anything from anybody don't ask. Select is better. And let they then, ask from you. And you will think.
- Be not greedy. The problems, with love give to surrounding people.
- Never, don't chase women. Let they, chase you. From you it is necessary to them more (on all life), than you from them (for one night).
- Don't borrow. Take for ever.
- Never plant beer and gasoline. Plant their owners on the grandma.
- Don't argue with the boor. Simply smile to it and strike in a jaw.
The husband from business trip comes back. Opens a case, the balcony looks – anybody isn't present.
Impudent voice of the naked muscleman lying on a bed:
- I here!
- Heard, in China for manufacturing of steroids, suggest to enter the death penalty.
- Certainly, Chineses can allow themselves it!

- Estimate: I have caught yesterday the beauty, in bed with the lover.
- So you, the колотухой, will catch everybody.

The beauty! Never become between the muscleman and its colleagues on I roll! Remember that friends can't be replaced with an onanism. While you – easily.

The ring in ears - clears up conscience, and sparks from eyes - clarify mind. Only to beat
It is necessary, it is accurate in a jaw!
The muscleman, never happens so is weak, as while pretty fitness the beauty, starts to speak to it as it is strong.
The muscleman, after a competitive banquet, writes a sms to the beauty: "Favourite! You are the best woman in the world! Yesterday, I once again was convinced of it".

It wanted as that to muscleman, to descend in a brothel. But money wasn't. Then it has gone to fitness to the beauty and that has lent to it.

From a diary of the muscleman: Yesterday Grey, has told nonsense. All boys in a rocking chair, long neighed and beat his feet on a head.

Has told Mareku Kalmusu (the Estonian body builder), a joke about what Estonians
Brakes. Next day - has beaten.

The muscleman and in the childhood was such terrible that when played to a sandbox, cats tried to dig it...

Physiology: any muscleman can bang any fitness the beauty.
Psychology: any fitness the beauty, doesn't want, that she was banged by any muscleman.
Rolling, don't think that before intim, beauties so excites the size of your penis.
Before intim, they are excited more with how their boobs look.

- I apologize for the given trouble, but I get off at the next stop. Whether there will be you so are kind and allow to pass.
The huge muscleman, examines questioned from top to down:
- And you чё, the intellectual face, whether that?
- About isn't present that you! The same cattle, as well as you.

- In me the mighty mix human достоитнств – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Albert Einstein is added.
- You say lies!
- Mum I swear! Only from Schwarzenegger I have received brains, and here a figure - from Einstein.

The muscleman tells:
— I, when get acquainted with the little girl, always I offer it a choice: we go or to restaurant or at once in a cot.
— And you usually go to what restaurant?
— Restaurant? Yes I at all don't know, where they are!

The muscleman home after training comes and complains to the wife:
- So muscles are ill me. But in it a high - when muscles are ill - they grow!
The wife, with shout:
- To grow!
... Rolling by a foot in a groin beats.

- What dimensions at you, the muscleman?
- Growth 186 see Width of shoulders – XXXXL. Tell, the doctor, I will live?
- I not the doctor, I the carpenter.

Humor - bodybuilding comix

- Whether it is necessary on harm, to answer with violence?
- Perhaps, it is not necessary. You only imagine to yourselves, on what will be capable, the raped harm!

There comes the husband from business trip and sees at itself in a bedroom a picture:
- On a bed the naked wife, and on it - the huge muscleman lies!
The husband suffices a chair and, what him not to kill, as will burst to rolling on a bum! The muscleman:
- Uh! Well that's all. And you, foolish, were afraid that won't get!
- Greetings the friend. Well as there at you business, with your muscleman?
- Super! It has woken in me the passionate woman!
- Still. With such that an alarm clock!

- All to a wall - OMON! We have come to close your fascist organization.
- Yes any we not fascists. Here a usual rocking chair., look: bars, dumbbells, training apparatus. Guys shake. Only that we not fascists, we inform them later.
- Hasn't understood: and what for to give out a usual rocking chair, for the fascist organization?
- So the youth now to be engaged in sports in any way won't drag, well and on fascism they - peck. Well and when we it open truth - late, they was already involved.

In the overflowed tram, the muscleman has put a hand on a bottom fitness to the beauty:
— The man, can be you, in other place the hand will attach?
— So I that with pleasure, but somehow hesitate …

- Yesterday I come to the beauty from training, and it there, in transparent ниглиже and with handcuffs in hands. Speaks to me a deep voice: "Chain me to a bed and do everything that you will want!"
- Well and you that?
- Has chained certainly. Has taken a new portion of a protein and has gone again to shake.
- Greetings the muscleman.
- To Alla – who it?
- Lena.
- What Lena? I ten know Flax of pieces.
- What means what? We with you had a sex, and relations like as were fastened.
- Here you now here – have specified nothing.

The muscleman-champion to itself home on village has returned somehow. And here visitors have gathered and someone asks:
- And truth say, what all rolling on steroids sit?
- Yes not, lies is everything, here I, by long and persistent trainings, without any chemistry, on simple and healthy food...
Here its daddy enters, hardly dragging a pumpkin from it in the size:
- The sonny, how many you can be asked: not писай on beds!

- All of you rolling, such boors! You interests nothing, except sex. And we, girls, others. The attention is necessary to us.
- Attention! Now there will be a sex!

The young muscleman, calls to the trainer and says that today will pass training:
- The trainer, at me quinsy.
In the evening, the trainer comes back home and sees, how this muscleman, walks in обнимку about fitness by the beauty. The trainer, withdraws the muscleman and speaks:
- Stas, with such quinsy to you is better not to walk, and to lie in bed!


The jealous muscleman, to the beauty-wife:
- And with Roni Kolemanom, you would oversleep for five pieces of dollars?
The wife:
- Certainly, if has saved up five pieces of dollars.

Mr. Olympia, leaves an office психиатора:
- Thanks you, the doctor! You have cured me of megalomania. Henceforth I the person absolutely unsurpassed, fantastic also it is possible to tell, directly phenomenal modesty.


The muscleman comes into a drugstore:
- One condom is necessary to me.
The saleswoman shouts in a utility room:
- Vasja, on mine it to you.

The muscleman in bed with the beauty:
- Well and now, the beauty, give we will say goodbye, we long won't see each other.
- A reptile! You throw me, right after sex?!
- No. Turn over on a stomach!

- Friends, estimate - me in army take away...
- Yes you чё! The inquiry is available For you about an enuresis and a platypodia?
- And me there have told: "for Germans you will be".


- How your new wife?
- All is excellent. In sex - super, the meal бодибилдера is prepared by her perfectly. Though there is no generality of interests.
- How it?
- Well, here for example: I am engaged in sex in a room, and she from kitchen calls: to eat go, I have fried meat!

- Here such business. When I last time acted on Juniverse …
- More shortly.
- The son. Two years.

Has called as that, old бодибилдер, beginning athletes. Took in hands a broom, has got from it a branch and has broken. Then took all broom and too has broken:
- And after all wanted to tell any clever thought!


 Bodybuilding anime muscle comix

Two body builders after a course of reception of steroids have a rest on a bench:
- Oh, here one month ago, such beauties here strolled! As you will look at it - all rises!
- Daaa... Now they, somewhere were gone.


It is interesting, why in night clubs on face-control there are such terrible body builders?
After all they, similar control, for what, haven't passed.


The body builder very much wanted protein шоколод. But it has given its fitness to the beauty. Because fitness the beauty, it wanted more.


Has read such passions about methane! Then and about money it is necessary to say that they are at the bottom of murders, thefts, envy and revolutions.

Interview the champion-bodibildera. The correspondent:
- At you such huge feet, you likely swing them much?
- Yes... I Swing... Much...
- At you such developed shoulders, you likely very strong?
- Yes... Strong...
- At you all big. Even a head. You likely think how better to be pumped up, for example, much?
- Yes... I Think... And still - I in it eat!

One muscleman tells to another:
- I come into a train compartment, and there sits, the beauty heaped up fitness. A breast, a bottom, a waist – all at it. Well, the train gets under way also we in a compartment we appear only together. In general we have struck with it. A high – the higher class! But here it, in tears. Cries and tells, what her husband good and as she loves it. Says that didn't change to it never, and here … it became a pity to me it, already at tears were screwed on eyes …

- Well also what further?
- Well and what further? And went all road: we cry and strike, strike and we cry.  

Criminal news: the maniac-sadist who, promised to young girls to rape them is detained, enticing thereby, to itself in the house. When, the girls intrigued with the interesting offer came to it on apartment there, instead of the promised rape, the pervert forced unfortunate women to be engaged in fitness: to lift dumbbells and bars, to twist a velosimulator, and still - to go on step aerobic.

In prehistoric times, on the earth dominated various ящероподобные creatures. Then they have died out. And the person evolved, has grown wiser, has thought up bodybuilding, and modern rolling have occupied again this, so long empty niche.

Bodybuilding anime muscle comix


The muscleman, it is impudent вваливает in the plane and takes a place at the big window which was pleasant to it.
- The guy, sit down better on the place, - any man speaks to it.
- Bring down itself from here! And me and here it is normal.
- Well, then take a steering wheel and fly up.



Meet two rolling.
- Well as there your student? Has handed over the session on algebra?
- Yes it has gone on figs! Estimate, yesterday I call to it, call on a beach, and she says that won't go anywhere as strikes now, with three unknown persons.

The husband, unexpectedly comes back from business trip.
The naked and scared wife, lies in the crumpled bed.
The enraged husband, climbs under a bed - there anybody.
Looks in a case - it is empty.
Runs in on a balcony: there there is a huge naked muscleman and smokes.
- Well, has found? - The muscleman asks.
- Nnnea, - answers the muzhik, - I will go, on kitchen I will look.

- Well, vodka we will thump?
- Not, I do not consume.
- Well, then коксика a path?
Is, without me, I after all am engaged in bodybuilding.
- Well so at once also has told! All is clear – the nonsense in a bean full.

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