Councils of beef cake

If the carrot and stick does not work, try carrots and gag.

Sado mazo - sexy foto


If someone does not like bodybuilding, do not take offense to it. A person is not guilty because he is dumb.


Fitness - like sex: it is not necessary to look, they need to do!


To satisfy sense of hatred of the enemy, draw his person on the ass of the girl.

Art ass


Do you want to learn to do to itself pricks independently?

Basic principle: to present that not your ass.


You want in a hall to help a novice - do exercises together with him.
you want to help a professional - step back and do not mix.
And want to help a fool is a fool!


In bodybuilding only one correct way - it.


What fully restored after the heavy base training, it is necessary to sleep eight hours in a day.

And so much at night.


Hello. Today for us councils of pumping of hands from Captain of Evidence.
Execute one approach on a biceps, what to execute one approach on a biceps.
Execute one approach on traiceps, what to execute one approach on traiceps.
And will execute the second approach on a biceps, what to execute the second approach on a biceps.


Three main advices for muscle head:
1 - not be lazy
2 - not skip training
3 - not with verbs written separately.


Two pills of dianabol under a language, it not only useful but also small.


2 main advices for strongmen:

1. Woke up - sing.

2. Sleep tenderly!


Make time for a fitness, otherwise sooner or later, you will have to make time for illnesses.

art fitness girl


If pressed down you a barbell during squat and there is nobody to help, try to publish moaning sounds: "ua-ua-ua".
It will not help certainly, but nevertheless.


Art bodybuilder - drawn beef cake


There is nothing more eternal in a bodybuilding gym, than that it is wrapped around by blue insulating tape.


Say to steroids  - no!... and prices will go down.


Every bodybuilders must lavish praise itself necessarily!

Because opinion will remain, and a source will drop off.


Main fitness advice: in sport there always is a place to the exploit!

Main for us: to stick to from this place a little rather.


Main rule for dieting: "Want to gorge - gorge a cabbage. you do not want a cabbage - does not want to gorge".

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