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Olymp - humour bodybuilding


Universe humour


Arnold Schwarzenegger


Konstantinov Konstantin. Powerlifting


benchpress humour


Brad Pitt - humour


humour steroids


Testosteron max level

bodybuilding - humour photo


bodybuilding - humour photo


bodybuilding humour - Ronnie Coleman


female super body



Sexy bikini babes


beautiful sexy fitness girls photo


I do not pray very often. But if you are up there, help me win - Superman!

Amber Prix - bodybuilding and fitness


Bodybuilding humour demotivator


When Oleg Burinsky dies can hardly be said tothat he is now in a better place

Olegs Burinskis and Miss Bikini babes


bodybuilder and bikini girl - humour photo


Female powerlifting - humour


Marina yesterday went to training,and not being able to sit down with the stamp for 20 reps.

So today she knewthat the punishment she deserved.

muscle head and sexy fitness girl - humour anime


The thicker the line, the stronger sense of attachment.

Bodybuilding and fitness - humour photo


Diamonds, in fact, it is just a piece of coal that did a good job on themselves.

bodybuilding humour photo


The body should be kept in such a way that the soul would not want him to leave

Bodybuilding humour photo


I want to get better. Only the best is - nowhere.

Sexy bikini girl - photo


The main thing - do not lose the people with whom you have in mind a kind of cockroaches!

Bodybuilding humour photo


NABBA Universe champion Monohar Aich

NABBA Universe champion


To the question "Do you watch site?" affirmative answer 100% of respondents.

(the survey was conducted on the site - the most popular site about fitness and bodybuilding


Real steep bodybuilder, does not have a right to connect the words tired "j" and "got".

He can only one time pronounce: it "is not more forces"

to die.

Bodybuilder - muscle head


On five beautiful girls, on statistics 1000 guys.

Beautiful girl from beach


To me - 71. But it just 22 on Celcius.

Bodybuilder - veteran


There are not cockroaches in my head! They were guzzled by creatures larger and more dangerous.

Bodybuilding - There are not cockroaches in my head!


- Well wherein we are not present! If disbelieve, we can come.

Humour photo - Well wherein we are not present!


- Very you love itself!
- I will say anymore: can not live without itself!

Beautiful girl - humour photo


What bodybuilder sleeps anymore, the less than harm is from him.

Ronnie Coleman - king of bodybuilding


Majestic natures, suffer from a doubt in an own grandeur

Bodybuilding gym


An amateur can become a professional only!

Professional bodybuilder Jay Catler


All, that us does not kill - afterwards so much about it spares.

bodybuilding - humour photo


That does me stronger, killed other.

Body building does me stronger


And I disbelieve television in general. Once there in general saw such, will disbelieve:

the governor of California on jungles chased after an alien!

governor of California Schwarzenegger


Created God Adam and Eva.

Long looked over them, and then waved a hand: "And all right, pumped".

God created Adam and Eva


When a woman looks splendidly, she arrives at three things: makes happy itself, delights men and drives mad other women.

woman looks splendidly bottom


How many forces and health, ditched on the forces and health.

bodybuilding - forces and health


Many men are afraid of women to that they need raise.

They are simpler to use those it is possible to go down to that.

Sexy fitness girl - humour photo


Force of women - beauty. As force - beauty of men.

Konstantinov Konstantin - powerlifting


With a head for me complete order: on the left are cockroaches, on the right is megalomania

Ronnie Coleman - king of bodybuilding


A diet is another means, making better an appetite

Bodybuilding diet - humour photo


My God why to me for complete happiness, always what то does not seize: both barbell or trainers, now here - weight of dumb-bells!

Bodybuilder - weight of dumb-bells


Seems, last 12 patties were superfluous

Ass - last 12 patties were superfluous


A that enemy I would give the supper that yet was not born.

Bodybuilder supper that yet was not born.


If you nobody are afraid of, means you - most frightful!

beef cake Marec Kalmus


Is your hall manned not enough? Tell to them about it.

weightlifting is in extreme terms.


That does unite these people?

Hollywood - Stalloneand Schwarzenegger


100 gramme of brain, it very small for control 100 kg of body.

control 100 kg of body - bodybuilding humour


Certificate about a psychical health, on a road martians took away here.

Bodybuilder and certificate about a psychical health


Dyes a not ass woman, and wom... And no, all is correct - ass

most beautiful ass - humour photo

As judges said us, in a body-building a figure is important in V-form

WFF Universe - humour photo


Main question in life fitness of pretty woman, not "who is guilty" and "that to do", and to "whom I am such magnificent I will be reached"?.

fitness of pretty woman bikini - foto


Victor Sharco so sexual, that when he goes by girls, then their breast tries to look anymore.

Victor Sharco - sexy fitness men from Latvia


-  And will you forgive the enemy?

- God will forgive! My task - to organize meeting.

WFF Universe - Frightful bodybuilder, humour photo


Dream of idiot : beautiful and sexual pretty woman that loves an idiot.

 beautiful and sexual pretty woman that loves an idiot.


Domestic bonds are so heavy! Therefore to be to carry them three together.

Humour photo - Domestic bonds are so heavy!


God, do so, that all calories went away in a breast

Sexy fitness girl - that all calories went away in a breast


I know that will be won by me and if I will not win then I will lose.

Bodybuilding Latvia - humour photo


My heart is now busy. It drives blood on an organism.

Sexy fitness girl - humour photo


It is talked that an ideal woman does not exist. Walked up to the mirror - scums tell!

Miss Bikini - humour photo













body-builder fell in love a pretty woman. But not all, and only one her part of body. However took and married on foolishness, on all pretty woman wholly.

Super female fitness bum - humour


All, I am champion WBBF Universe!

Forgive unlucky persons, I always hated you!

WBBF Universe - bodybuilding champion photo



Competition Miss Fitness Model 2012 

Most successful idea in the show of industry, this division of people on two sexes.

Humor. Bodybuilder and model fitness girls


In childhood, Edgars dreamed to become a fireman. But what that was not folded in his fate and he does not extinguish now, and sets fire :

Champion of Latvia on a benchpress Edgars Ratnieks on the banquet of competition Miss Fitness Model)

(Champion of Latvia on a benchpress Edgars Ratnieks  on the banquet of competition Miss Fitness Model)


Bad man, it will not be named Konstantin

Powerlifter Konstantinov Konstantin - doog man


- And where Aleksej Shabunja?
- In Minsk.
- O "Minsk"! Good refrigerator.

Aleksej Shabunja - bodybuilder from Belarus


mr Universe WFF/WBBF 2010-2011 Alexandr Nevsky (Russia):

WFF/WBBF mr Universe


Woman pole vaults are the Olympic type of sport. Dances on ice - too Olympic type of sport. Not it is time in the program of Olympiads to enter woman dances with a pole?

Strip show - sexy fitness girls


Accepting itself such, which we are I am, we are deprived hope to become those, what we can be.

Bodybuilding. Accepting itself such, which we are I am, we are deprived hope to become those, what we can be.


You only present: if several hundred thousands of years back, our ancestor, would not overcome an attacking him rhinoceros, then we would not be in the world.  

Thank you -    brave primitive person!

brave primitive person


To the man, necessary to bear with that he such, what is. But not such, what he wants to be. Except body-builders.

Except body-builders.


Greatest reward for labour - it not that a man gets for him, and then, who he becomes in a process.

Bodybuilding - Greatest reward for labour


Request to mr Universe WFF/WBBF Alexander Nevsky:

Alexandr, you have the real chance to help bodybuilding: decorate our sport, by your absence!

WFF/WBBF Universe champion - Alexandr Nevsky - muscle head


Even course of dollar and euro hesitate. and the bench press lying 260 kg - remains unchanging!

Konstantin Konstantinov and Oleg Burinsky - bench press


Beef cake. There are such surprizing persons by that it is impossible to pass by. It is necessary necessarily to stop and give in a muzzle.

Beef cake. Bodybuilder-freak - give in a muzzle.


Woman ideal: cute, clever, strong, stylish, active, sporting, merry.

In general: selfishness, egoist and rogue

Victor Sharko - fitness man from Latvia


I look on itself in a mirror. As though as cute. I befit nearer, look more attentive...


Fitness model look on itself in a mirror.


About vital priorities of man, as a kind, a great deal his muscles can say:

the strongest from them - jaw, болшая - buttock.

But bodybuilding falls out of this rule. That we see on the example of Aleksej Lesukov:

Aleksey Lesukov - bodybuilding Russia


I an evil do not remember. Necessary to write down.

bodybuilding Latvia - humor


I love girls with a large breast. When hug them, feel that something is really between you.

I love sexy fitness girls with a large breast



Intellectual person: man that found more interesting employment what sex.

Intellectual man - humour


Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends: one head well, and with a body - better.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - humor photo


Fitness pretty woman, shooting peep-holes, do not give up injured!

Fitness pretty woman - do not give up injured!


Repentance: I am angered, act wrong, offend vainly... I am sorry me, ideal people.

Oleg Burinsky - I am sorry me, ideal people.


We incline a head, only before those, who height little.

Oleg Burinsky - humor photo WFF


Welcone to - pump iron!

Pump your muscle


Strip show - demonstration of eternal values.

strip show is demonstration of eternal values.


I am in our hall - the strongest! For it beat...

I am our Fitness center - the strongest bodybuilder


When an orchidic hormone is not enough, a fashion comes for help.

Male fashion - humor photo


Body - is never lies

Demotivators - fitness woman


Everybody is spoiled, as far as possible.

Oleg Burinsky and fitness girls from Miss Bikini


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Weider:

Who is able, that does. Whoever is able, that teaches.

Photo Joe Weider and Arnold Schwarzenegger


Man without a dream,  as a bird without wings: can defecate, and to fly - no.

Humor photo - Arnold Schwarzenegger


Grey minds, usually reprobate that is beyond their understanding.

Humor demotivatirs - Bodybuilding and powerlifting muscle head


To be the woman dream - dream any woman.

Demotivators - dream woman


Sin to give way to dejection, when other sins are.

Humor - sexy woman


A fee is a not gonorrhoea, to get him more difficult

Victor Sharco and money - humor photo


Beautiful woman in the morning: woke up, washed, dressed up...  

And went to decorate by itself the World.

Super ass - Beautiful woman in the morning: woke up, washed, dressed up.


Some beautiful women are modest, and bashful...

And not able to show it and all!

Humor - sexy fitness gidl photo


Do not you know that to do? Train ass!

A decision can and will not find, but beautiful ass - always well!

Humour - beautiful ass photo


Will wash bloody tears that, who to doubt in our peaceful nature!

WFF World championship - bodybuilding photo


While beauty rescues the World, freaks him will ruin!

WFF/WBBF Universe - muscle head Alexandr Nevsky


Dryness at the end of training, straight proportional to the spilled sweat.

bodybuilding and fitness from Fitness center photo


Maris Kljavinsh

- You for whom me, fool, accept!

Bodybuilding humor - Muscle head Maris from Latvia


Young beautiful woman:

- Take away me rather, drive away for 100 seas and will get 10, eighteen it is not me!

Demotivators - Young beautiful fitness girl


In a woman, it must all be perfectly!

Sexy fitness girl and bodybuilders


It is ashamed, not when evidently, and when looking closely is necessary!

Sexy fitness girls - Nataly naked


Bad dancer and excellent bodybuilder!

excellent bodybuilder from Fitness center



"Mr Universe 2010-2011" (WFF/WBBF Edmundas Daubaras version) - Alexandr Nevsky.  

Make-up before an exit:
- Tint to me on brighter than eye-lash.

WFF/WBBF Universe beef cake.


Latvian bodybuilder: Normunds Jurans and Evgenij Naglis


Latvian bodybuilder:

Badly those, who worse us are talked only about us.

Because those, who better us, to them not to us.


 Education Fitness Center "Sport":

Nothing decorates a body-builder so, as friendship with an own head.

Демотиваторы:Ничто так не украшает культуриста, как дружба с собственной головой.


Fitness girls:

- If you can not choose between two men, then choose the second.  

Because, if you loved the first, second did not appear.

Демотиваторы: Совет девушкам: Если вы не можете выбрать между двумя мужчинами, выбирайте второго! Потому что, если Бы вы любили первого, второй бы не появился.


Bench press atlet:

- Do you want to die? Ask - do I want to become thin?

Демотиваторы: “Хочешь умереть? Спроси - хочу ли я похудеть!”


Do I must to submit to the will-power, if physically, I in two times stronger her?

Демотиваторы: Должен ли я подчиняться силе воли, если физически я в два раза сильнее ее?


Sexy fitness girls: however you are unscrewed, and bottom however behind.

Демотиваторы: Как ни выкручивайся, а попа всё равно сзади.


Strongest man of Latvia, Artis Plivda :  

- Where meat dumplings, there and Motherland!

Демотиваторы: Как говорит самый сильный мужчина Латвии Артис Пливда: - Где пельмени, там и Родина!


Miss Bikini and Miss Fitness Model - Julja:

- As a veritable judge all wonderful - I love mirrors!



Miss Bikini and Miss Fitness Model - Olga:

- How warm to you girl? How warm to you blue?



It is a champion body-builder Larry Scott. He is 73.  

But you, know certainly, that body-builders poison itself every steroid.  

We will look at you in this age!






Bruise under an eye, diminishes a review, but increases experience:


 Alexandr Ljubomirov and Vladimir Marahovsky:  

Good, always wins an evil. Therefore, who won, that and good.


Sexy fitness of girl: I and my friend. I - that more beautiful


Bodybuilder Jurans Normunds:  

Do not anger me! I do not know where already to hide dead bodies.


 Alexandr Ljubomirov: If at the end of gladiatorial fight, audience on a tribune, showed a not thumb and middle, then many gladiators would remain living.  

Only it would be very offensive them.


 Konstantin Konstantinov: Steel muscles! Ideal figure! Strong fist! Powerful blow!

Look: more neat write on forums about body-builders!


Oleg Burinsky: I want to have a drink this wineglass, for our men from  show  business!... Devil...

As turned out funnily ... "men from  show  business"!


And I want to appeal to the gays. Thank you to you! Anymore it remains me.


Only all true

A Terminator does not exist! It is a man and his name is Schwarzenegger.


Olga Marackovska: In life of every beautiful girl, there is history about a rich man that promised to give "everything her that will want", and she refused.


Sexy fitness girl Oksana:

Men, as children : they like large, warm and soft toys too.

Демотиватор, фитнес: Мужчины как дети


Vladimir Marachovsky

Alexandr Ljubomirov: An alcohol is in small doses, useful in any amount!


- Karina Nezivenko:


Pumped up man, differs from not pumped up by that the absolutely however, that not pumped up man is not pumped up the pumped up man.


In life of every decent girl, there must be only one large love. My love - strong men.


The strong person of Daugavpils - Aleksandrs Vahmjanins


All girls are in Daugavpils - super models.

Other, or married, or conductor.


Small anti stimulant triptych. In execution Marina Burinska, Vladimir Maraсhovskis and Alexanr Ljubomirov Under the name "Eat an apple" :

- ... and you will become strong and invincible ...

- ... and your body will become easy and air ...

- It is not Satan! We - for honest sport. Without apples!


In life, it is better to be an improper to the ugliness pretty woman. What by an ugly to indecency cow:


We not only swing but also philosophize:


Useful advice:


The best decoration of fitness pretty woman is a modesty and tiny stringi


The most perfect bodies are in Universe (version of WFF/WBBF Daubaras)
So did she knock by his cup on a head or no?

Beef cake WFF/WBBF Universe


Rita Elksninja and Olga Marachkovska:

That for the strange people of man? What ask that nonsenses... Wait what that true...


I do not love bodybuilder and does not like to swing. Call me Edik.

But friends call me simply: "Hey you, emaciated, go here"!


Whoever does know Arnold Schwarzenegger? He is a champion of Austria 1967 year, on a benchpress!


Konstantins Konstantinovs:

If Hitler swung, then Berlin yet pair of days remained


Fitness pretty women such clock-work! It is necessary only to know where the key is inserted.:


Body-builders, does not go around with pretty women in a shower! you risk not to wash oneself.



 "Miss Bikini": it was ashamed to you, fitness pretty women, to cause such desires!

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