Jokes and humour about female beautiful and sexy fitness girl

How to rock feet, a head decides certainly, but orders to the feet however come through to the ass

anime sexy fitness girls


most beautiful ass


Today again I did not go out in the fitness club! And this has been going on for six years.


anime sexy girls


Luba on the avatar heart, Masha seal, and Sveta your photo. Because of Light - fitness model.

anime sexy fitness girls


Playing cards on the strip, fitness babes love to play more.


Can you describe the shape of Oksana Vokhmyanina with his hands behind his back?

anime sexy babes


- Coach, you take Viagra or so I look good?


To the pretty women well, from them men want sex only. And to mucle head - sit, break a head, that a woman needs from you!

Drawn sexy babes


Pretty Woman at the gym trainer says:
- I need some other program activities, harder ...
- With whips and groans?


Beauty comes to the studio to declare "Requires photo model for erotic photographies. Payment of 10 000 euros per hour."
Her pictures of the whole day and in the evening - expect the box office:
- For 328 images at 1/250. So you do not have built a second!


How to distinguish between true and false love?
Fake: "I'm so please follow the curves of your body when you're sitting down!"
True: "You fool, why without insurance?"

Sexy anime babes - art humour


Urgently come to the "Fitness center"! And then after 5 years will have to put in the kitty avatar


- You must have a wife fitness model?
- Yes. And how did you know?
- You're just a real freak. The children are beautiful.


At the World Championships in Internet search and could not find a photo of Diana Tyuleneva in clothes


Once Natasha Zamyatina drunk and put up a fight in the mini-bar.


They say that beauty is not earn a lot of money ... Earn! Just as long as it is not recognized as the official work.

Anime sexy girl


In a fourth class, class-mate, wanted to strike Karina Nezivenko bruteforce, and got in a stomach. Because model fitness grow very quickly.


Rita Elksinja, actually, not such and beautiful. For her simply on face all shaped well.


If you will come to occupy in a fitness hall, you will have two variants: either to become a sport pretty woman or not reason.
And if you will not come, then you will have one variant only.


A fitness pretty woman experiences in two cases: when on her stare and when take no notice.


If a pretty woman with beautiful legs and ass will dress a skirt mini, then to the men it will be absolutely however already, whether her bag befits to her shoes.

skaistulīte ar skaistām kājiņām un dupsi


Bodybuilder, do not be under the delusion : she reads with you in "Fitness center" and brightly gets dressed, but not for the sake of you, and against other women.

Art fitnes girl


Competition "Miss Bikini" passed in Iran at the level of idea


Internet... Naked Miss Bikini ... most beautiful ass of Latvia ... Whatever only obstacles stand on the way of search of report on physics!


Lived as that together bodybuilder and fitness pretty woman... They loved each other: he itself and she itself.


A man fits for fitness to pretty woman:
- Is it possible to meet you?
- It is not necessary.
- Why?
- To me it will be boring with you, and to you with me incomprehensible.
- But why?
- Because already boring me, and to you already incomprehensible.

Art sexy girl


A fitness is pretty women such bashful! Seeing a naked body-builder at once drop eyes.


Often in comments we read abusive expressions about beautiful girls.
And now Viktorija was called is a dull blonde. But it is a not true!!!
She is a not blonde!

anime sexy fitness girl


- I loved you... 15 kg ago.


- In "Fitness center" many different directions of aerobics. Here Alena for us matvobodyflaver.
- Who???
- Alena.


With pretty women from "Fitness center" always problems: stick - insolent person! you do not stick - fool.


According to researches of psychologists, there are two principal reasons, why a man conducts evenings in a fitness hall:
1) he does not have a wife;
2) he has a wife.


In the sections of aerobics "Fitness center" so few men occupy, that practically all their name is Victor.

female aerobic


Bodybuilder on a steroid course, having sex with a pretty woman, not only kindled the fire of passion but also burned out a mattress.


The best result at preparation to the competition "Miss Bikini", labour for a girl prepared by means of method of "whip and whip".


- Pretty woman, and why are you such drunk?
- And I today go to the appointment with a not nice man.


Pretty women, let on your cell there will always be positive balance and charging of accumulator will be always complete.

Shorter, pretty women - be accessible!

Sport fitness girl - anime



Latvia, she as a breast of Olga Marackovska: beautiful, but little.


If you will buy the last number of magazine "Playboy", then able to admire on Olgu is a fitness pretty woman from "Fitness center"!
In fact Olga works in a booth where magazines are for sale.

Anime - sexy bikini girl


- It is I as soon as the fitness of pretty women saw, at once said: all - I get married!
- And fitness of pretty woman, as soon as saw you, at once answered: get married, to us then what.


The best friends are a fitness of pretty woman, this her leg. But from beautiful bodybuilders the best friends go away even!


Come on our competition "Miss Bikini" and do not forget to take with itself a strait jacket. Because for us such beautiful girls - going bughouse is possible!


Anime sexy model


Not many know that pretty woman Olja yells in a bed voice of fur-seal.
Hey you, not many are very handsome guys!


Our the fitness models so nice, that Bambi as compared to them - simply deer.


Pretty women of blonde, not such and fools as desirable.


Occupying in a hall, Olga Marackovska constantly mixed up bending of hands with unbending. But did everything it is correct. Because a biceps with trajseps she mixed up too.

Olga Marackovska and Olegs Burinskis - miss bikini


These insidious the fitness of pretty woman was broken up to me heart! Spit in the soul! Trampled the best feelings!!!
My God after what to me, ordinary masochist, such happiness?!


- Hi, j am a cellulitis.
- And you went in a bum!
- And without problems...


Sexy fitness girl long sat on string, stretching pleasure.


Woman logic is a fitness pretty woman : to do to itself super figure, to dress a tiny bikini and call all men sexual maniacs.


Fitness dirl Sveta, added the 1387 photos to the album "If honestly, not very I like to be taken pictures"


Tore a young pretty woman panties by thongs straight on an aerobics.

pretty woman panties by thongs straight


Modest fitness of pretty woman, in a bed with unknown men does not speak!


Friendship between fitness pretty women, it just is a pact about a not attack.

Sexy fantastic girl - art


When I come home tired after the heavy training, I eat the fat free curd and thoughtfully look at meeting me unchanging replete, thick, and a purr enough cat. He does not even understand that yet living only because I at once fall down to sleep.


Artur did not like to examine beautiful woman bum. Therefore examined always, with a very sad person.


Decided not to lead an alarm clock. Let God decide, to go to me in the morning on an aerobics or no.


Only snipers and professional photographers are able to shoot any pretty woman.


- Fitness girl , and you why does keep indoors marry?
- Why? I better will give happiness to many body-builders, what hoodoo one.


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