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- I'm actually very nice. True, some people dare to call me terrible. But they usually do not last long and can be disregarded.

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Woman bodybuilder walked along the street with a sledge-hammer in a hand and smile on face. So to her a road was yielded even by trams.
Smile to the people and they will become kinder!


She liked the brutal hair, the smell of sweat and rough hands. But her husband made ​​her hard to look after themselves.


Female bodybuilder decides when her husband wants intimacy.


Women bodybuilder - is strong family, educated children, polite mother-in-law, loving and faithful husband.

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How, not man you? But however - shaven


The kind and strong woman bodybuilder to death strewed a duck bread


The steep womens bodybuilders conduct all evenings in gym and for these to them large human thank you.


I yesterday went by training on a tram, so to me what that a freak climbed in a bag!
I did not notice in the beginning, and then I call at a locker room, open a bag, look, and he sits there.


- Well this woman bodybuilder and miracle! For her in general that нибудь is normal?
- Yes. Pressure.


Woman bodybuilder and "Wiscas" ate and furniture scratched.
But her however continued to name a crocodile, but not pussy-cat.


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Yesterday on an auto train station, a frightful crime happened: frightful бодибилдерша gave a dusting a frightful man.


Worse drunk bodybuilder, only the drunk woman bodybuilder.


The steep woman bodybuilder, not having time to be determined, was butted between a woman and masculine rest room.


- It is I here with one bodybuilder became acquainted. Mutant-degenerate!!! And then at itself looked ... Normal fellow!


- These stars I give to you! - the woman bodybuilder said and struck a fellow on a head.


Igor already two years wants to part with Svetlanu. But Svetlana is a champion on the woman bodybuilding and decides, when and with whom to part.


The strongest body-builder is in a hall, proved to all, that she yet and most beautiful!


Glamur woman-bodybuilder, asks to call her not crocodile, and "Lakoste".


- And does your body-builder look like whom?
- On Mother Divine.
- Show to the photo... MOTHER DIVINE!


- Well and I sorted out on an ambassador competition banquet! And that young fitness man this took advantage of so cheekily!
- Did rape?
- No. Ran.


- What did you him give a dusting for?
- And why does not he me love?!

female bodybuilder not love man


Women bodybuilder :
- beaches Bothered!  All look, giggle. I can not normally relax. Eh, to get in such corner of earth, where the unfrightened nature was yet saved.
- it is n-n-not n-n-necessary. Let though some c-c-corner of nature will remain not frig-g-ghtened.


Bodybuilder does the compliment of bodybuilder-woman:
are you - as a rose: beautiful, noticeable, but prickly.
it is Lie, I shave oneself every day!


it is I here I look on women-bodybuilder and think...
- what do you think Of?
- ... and on the fitness girls   I look and want!


- As you could have sex with it muscular women bodybuilder, she is frightful!
- But strong...


I such bags from a market I carry - horse turn around!


It is necessary to be on the present abrupt sexy muscle girl to resist even against common sense.

Female bodybuilding - sexy muscle girl


In order to avoid an infection a bird flu, to tossing, it is not recommended to use in food meat of hens of easy behavior, drug hens-addicts and hens of unconventional sexual orientation.


The husband abrupt the woman the body builder home comes. Drunk and courageous. Beats a cam on a table:
- Who in the house the owner!
The woman the body builder, speaking words: beats to it in an ear. The husband rises, in a trice sobering, and mutters:
- Already and it is impossible to ask.

Muzhiks, argued about abrupt the woman the body builder. In plus that with them at not terribly night to go.
But after all in the afternoon that - is terrible!
- The doctor help, I in marriage five years, and children all wasn't present.
- Well - undress. So-so. Like all it is normal at you: the body and genitals are developed perfectly well! And will invite to me your wife.
- So I the wife also am.

- And I have taken away the wife bodybuilding to be engaged.
- Well, and how?
- Already there are good results.
- Well and you that as?
- Well and what I? Began to prepare is much better, I clean, has fallen in love to erase and iron.

- Yesterday have attacked, have beaten, all money has selected!
- Well you though have remembered them?
And that it to remember that: the wife – the abrupt woman the body builder.


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The abrupt woman the body builder, was late on training. The colleague on I roll is interested:
- You will go along the street one? After all already so it is dark.
- Anything. I will try to frighten nobody.

The abrupt woman the body builder goes on the market, by the saleswoman belongings. Торговка:
- The young woman, is a jacket for your size.
- And the muzhik of my size at you, a case, isn't present?

Abrupt the woman the body builder, judge for drawing of heavy physical injuries.
The judge:
- For what you so have brutally beaten it?
- That evening, it has taken away me from training and has brought to itself home. We had supper, then it has got me in a bedroom where the gentle music played and candles, section burned, has put on a bed and as as will begin to neigh: "With April, first, you!"

- And my wife – the abrupt woman the body builder. Разговоp at it – коpоткий. If what not on it so сpазу on a physiognomy beats! She thinks that I пеpед it fists pазмахивать will be. Hу a fig! In a lap, in feet I will roll. I know the place!

-- When me, my wife, on the left cheek beats, I to it there and then substitute the right.
- For what?
- And it from the left hand beats more poorly.

If the muscleman and the abrupt woman the body builder have sex, it doesn't mean at all that someone loves someone. It can be simple – sports interest.

The abrupt woman the body builder, joyful runs up to the father:
— Ur! Me took for work in circus! Though I and the monster, but seem to me that lions and tigers will get used to me.
The father, catches at a bum and runs in a toilet:
— Her knows them! I here all - won't get used in any way.

The sonny and mummy-abrupt the woman the body builder:
- Mummy, seems to me that sometimes you not so love me...
- Close the mouth and eat up porridge, the mongrel, and even last tooth I will beat out!
The abrupt woman the body builder, in inter-season period, comes on medical survey. The doctor suggests it to undress. But the woman the body builder hesitates of the blurred body and consequently apologizes:
- The doctor, it I am simple now, in inter-season period, such thick. And by a season I very relief and completely not fat.
- Everything is all right, be not confused. I the doctor. Simply open a mouth and tell "mu-at-u-u".

I am married, on the abrupt woman the body builder. But yesterday, I all the same was engaged with it in sex - Hellouin after all.

The abrupt woman the body builder, reading to the trumpet voice Latin, have casually caused the Devil.

The more terribly the woman the body builder, the is ill it a head less often.

To abrupt women to body builders, a yashmak to the person.

Abrupt female bodybuilding, will save the world, from domination of intelligence.

The woman the body builder-milkmaid, milks from a cow at once oil.

Abrupt women body builders, seldom become pregnant. After all their appearance – the best contraceptive.

Deification of female bodybuilding – the woman-homosexual.

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- The father, mum, allow to present. It... It with us will live!

- Attentively having looked in eyes to the abrupt woman to the body builder, I have managed to make out her soul. And so was frightened that till now I can not come to.

- The woman I modern and has offered at once it abrupt sex. But it has appeared a driveller.
And as soon as the such receive captain's epaulets?

- Favourite, I again can't find the trousers. Where you have again moved our case?

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- If in our rocking chair, there was suddenly a sexual maniac, abrupt women body builders, to it still for this business also paid.

- Mum, mum, it is not necessary to splash me! - the little son shouted.
But abrupt the bodibildersha-commissioner, has got a Mauser and all the same it shouted.
- Being in strong alcoholic intoxication, I for fun, have kissed the abrupt woman of the body builder. But it hasn't estimated such humour, and has violently seized me in especially rough form, having used absence nearby, my wife.

The abrupt woman the body builder, goes to the underground. Behind it, the man rubs. The train has got stuck in a tunnel. The woman the body builder turns around and in a complete silence (a trumpet bass!) speaks:
— All the muzhik, you will soon die!
The muzhik has become agitated:
— Why?!
— I a bum feel, your end!

The abrupt woman the body builder in a drugstore:
- Give those to me something for sex.
- Viagra?
- No. give chloroform Is better.



The abrupt woman the body builder, carries massive earrings. For, the more hard an earring, the there are more muscles on ears.

 Abrupt the woman the body builder are so severe that instead of pricks, put to itself a dropper.

 Abrupt the woman the body builder are so severe that instead of starling houses, beat to trees doghouses.

 Abrupt the woman the body builder, have removed are so severe a porno that it have forbidden even in Germany.

Abrupt the woman the body builder are so severe that at their presence, Sergey Shnurov, doesn't use foul language.

 Bodibildnrshi-milkmaids are so severe that bulls hide from them in bushes.

Bodibildershi-satanistki are so severe that the Satan is afraid to come on their call.

Bodibildershi-postmen are so severe that bite dogs for bums.
Bodibildershi-minetchitsy are so severe that at muzhiks of a bed-sheet are soaked up in a bum.

Abrupt the woman the body builder, don't recognize usual systems of training:

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