Award of Auseklis

Award of Auseklis / Order of Auseklis

Award Auseklis - Latvia bodybuilding 1890

Order of Auseklis (Power lifting), approved by the Federation of athleticism and bodybuilding in Latvia in 2009.
The Order is dedicated to the 120-th anniversary of the power athletics in Latvia and the World (1890), and the 30-th anniversary of the restoration of Latvian bodybuilding and classical benchpress championship in (1981).

In the design of the Order include:
- The Latvian national star "Auseklis"
- weight plate
- Dumbbell
- label "Latvija"
- the start year of power athletics in Latvia and the World - 1890
On the reverse side of the Order, its serial number engraved, as well as - name and surname of the gentleman.

Design - Oleg Burinskiy
Manufacturing - Boris Ishchenko
Material - silver and enamel 

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