The first-ever body builders, from Latvia

Who was the first?


There is much to argue about who was thefounder of bodybuilding in the world . The fact is not America and not Weider (like they long time propagandized it to us) - it is an undeniable fact. Then the a reasonable question: Who then?


Personally, I think, that the closest confirmed by irrefutable historical fact is a theory that is Latvia and the world's first athletic Rigaer Society, founded in 1890. At least, nothing earlier, I could not find in any country (in the following dates: Greece and Austria - 1893 and 1895).


Do you have something to refute these facts? What if it's really historical facts instead of fairy tales about the stones lifted by someone I, certainly, admit them.


While these facts do not exist (and most likely will not be at all - they simply have nowhere to appear: because almost everything is already known), then let's acknowledge the obvious and pay tribute to our first bodybuilders, from a small town on world map - Latvia:


Badge of Latvian athletic society - RIGAER, 1890: 

Badge of Latvian athletic society


The first mention (that I could find) about the bodybuilders competition, held in Latvia:


The first builders of Latvia:

1897 Olgierd Edelman


1898 Eduards Ulpe


1908 Willie Shreyners. Similar elegant triceps, many modern athletes will envy:

first body builders Latvia


The American magazines inspired to us that the pose "ash-pe" / "hp", first invented American Harold Poole in early 70-ies.

But you look on photo of Arthur Zadata. Latvians, demonstrated this pose, in the beginning of the last century.

1910 Arthur Zedats

first body builders Latvia


1906 Carlis Mikuls. Somebody can show at least one photo of the last century, so brilliantly executed pose"a double biceps in front"?

first body builders Latvia


1909 Carlis Matisons


1910 Carlis Freibergs. Dubbed the American propaganda, "the first builder of the World" Yudzhin Sendou looks anemic young men, alongside his contemporaries, bodybuilders from Latvia. For example such as Karlis Freibergs.

Besides, I've never seen any single bodybuilding pose, shown by the "first builder"


1908 Klemeus Amevira


1911 Klemens Bull. Our well-known athlete from Ludza, Klemens Bull, not only won at numerous competitions of body builders, but also was the greatest wrestler. For example, he won all fights against "the champion of champions" Ivan Poddubny.

In spite of the fact that weighed 20 kg less.


1913 George Baumans


1914 Janis Plume


1914 Ludwig Alens


1921 Janis Krause had great physical strength, being the author of numerous world records in weight lifting:


1924 Athlete from Rezekne - Moisha Posman


1932 Arvids Jurmalietis

history bodybuilding from Latvia


More information about the first bodybuilders and strength athletes of Latvia look Here

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