NABBA - bodybuilding and fitness history

First magazine for body-builders "Strength & Health" went out in London in 1898.

First competitions of body-builders, passed in English Royal Albert Halle in 1901.

From 1930, realization of competitions began "Mr and Miss Britain". That began quickly to collect enormous popularity. In 1936, 11 398 body-builders were registered in organization, and to 1943, not looking on war, already 191 000 athletes.


In 1948 the first competitions passed "Mr Universe", John Grimek won on them.


John Grimek - Strength & Health

John Grimek - Strength & Health


In 1950, NABBA and competitions are organized. "Mr Universe" became main championship of new organization. Steve Reeves became a champion.

Rег Park got the title "mr Universe" in 1951. In the outsiders of tournament a young man was meant from Canada - Joe Weider.


Reg Park - mr NABBA Universe

NABBA Universe Reg Park


In subsequent years, many athletes won "Universe" on several times, they are: John Grimek, Steve Reeves, Bill Pearl, Reg Park, Arnold Schwarzenegger.


 Mr Universe NABBA 1969 - Arnold Schwarzenegger

NABBA Universe - Arnold Schwarzenegger


From 1955 and for 1986 Oscar Heidenstam became leader NABBA. Then Aivan Dunbar and Graeme Lancefield.

In 90th, swift development gets new direction of body-building is a fitness, and a new structure appears in NABBA - WFF-International (World Fitness Federation), that was led by General Secretary NABBA - Klaus P.J. Hoffmann.

In Latvia, the first champions of NABBA appeared in 1998: Marina Burinska became the champion of Europe for women, and Aivars Visochkis - among veterans.


Till 1999 inclusive, WFF and NABBA conducted the joint World (one day - bodybuilding, second day was a fitness) cups. But in connection with the enormous amount of participants it  became further impossible and from 2000, "Universe" NABBA and WFF pass ed at different times (usually, for comfort of sportsmen, with a difference in a week).


WFF/NABBA World championship 1998: Oleg Burinsky (Latvia), president WFF Klaus P.J. Hoffmann (Germany) and president NABBA Aivan Dunbar (England)


The first champion of separate WFF Universe 2000, passing in Vienna (Austria) became Marina Burinska (Latvia).


Universe championbs: Marina Burinska, Steve Reeves, Bill Pearl

Чемпионы Юниверса - Стив Ривс, Бил Перл и Марина Буринская


In 2002, the joint internet was opened web-site NABBA WFF.

From middle of 2000, in WFF an absolute category appeared for bodybuilders is "body extreem", many champions and prizewinners of NABBA compete in that.

Presently, such state of affairs is saved, and the World and Universe on bodybuilding and fitness of WFF/NABBA, pass with a difference in a week.  More often all NABBA in England, and WFF in Europe (usually Germany or Austria).


President NABBA Graeme Lancefield and command of Latvia: Oskars Sarkans, Jurans Normunds and Olegs Burinskis

Graeme Lancefield - NABBA president


In 2013, after the WFF Universe in Greece, Klaus Hoffmann resigned for health reasons and the President WFF became president of NABBA  Graeme Lancefield   (Australia). What finally brought together WFF / NABBA into one organization.

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