WFF/NABBA - World Fitness Federation

WFF - World Fitness Federation


Our federation of athleticism and body building of Latvia, has begun teamwork with WFF/NABBA - international from the moment of its formation in the 90s. Our sportsmen took regular part, since the very first championships spent by WFF international.

  In the beginning of 2000th years, at the initiative of the leader of body building the post of the Soviet Countries Edmundas Daubaras, in uniform WFF has occurred split. Then, the presented arguments of Daubaras, had a reason: WFF - international, at that time, had no official registration in this connection, we experienced the big difficulties with registration of visas and filling of traveling certificates (alas - such there was time) for our trips on competitions abroad.

 Nowadays, the situation has exchanged in a root:

  - WFF - international, became officially registered sport federation.

  - Between our Countries all borders and the bureaucracy connected with it have disappeared.

  Now, we live to the a single country called the European Union and further WFF split into two parts, in the current situation, it looks stupid and absurd step. Of course, the economic center of the European Union, is in Germany. While for us (former USSR countries) sounds strange, but our present economic capital, is located in Berlin (political - in Brussels).

  Accordingly, the WFF Latvia calls on all his supporters to stop the stupid and unnecessary hostility now and again, to unite under a single center.

   Conflict only stupid people, smart - always find a compromise and resolve any issues.

1998. Period of formation of WFF-International: Edmundas Daubaras, Klaus Hoffmann and Olegs Burinsky.


WFF World Fitness Federation, officially registered on January, 3rd, 2002, by Oleg Burinsky.

Couple of years later, Edmundas Daubaras, registers the organization: Pasauline Fitneso Federatia (PFF) under which aegis continues to hold the competitions, separately from WFF-international, using our name - World Fitness Federation



In the world championships WFF 1997 (Germaniya. Mangeim), Latvia was represented by three athletes: Marina Burinska, Maris Shveyduks and Aivars Visotskis.

WFF World 1997 Marina Burinska


The first in Latvia WFF Universe title, won in 2000, Marina Burinska.


The champion of WFF Universe 2003 - Yury Karsetjan (Latvia):


World champion WFF 2010 - Mario Hemmer (Austria):

WFF World championship


Graz. Austria. Oleg Burinsky and the visitor of World championship WFF 2010, Arnold Schwarzenegger's first trainer - Kurt Marnul:

WFF World championship

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