Bodybuilding and Eroticism

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Sometimes (not often) we are reproached for being too (according to our counterparts), the demonstration of eroticism. Almost always, these criticisms are addressed to the naked female body.

I suggest to our opponents, to remember the beautiful statues of ancient Greece. Often, the greatest thing there is in men - a fig leaf. Women - and even less. But the history of mankind, the art of sculpture was not created anything more beautiful.

Well, what we offer our critics: dress, Venus de Milo in bra?

Bodybuilding is the art of demonstrating the beauty of the human body. Both male and female. And he has, by its very nature, requires exposure. Of course, in the framework of aesthetics.

I remember in an era now referred it as "Dark Ages", was one figure who ordered the cover up any "indecent" sites, ancient Greek sculptures. But, then, this era and was dubbed "dark."

Beautiful naked female body is always inspiring creative people: artists, sculptors, poets, artists photos ... perfecting art and making our world more beautiful.

But all sorts of dictators, reactionaries, on the contrary, strongly competed with the art of a naked beauty. Because they do not need a free and creative people, and uncomplaining and downtrodden cattle.


Hormones and fitness

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At a young age, when blood is full of raging hormones, young boys and girls who have no problems with being overweight. They can absorb any amount of food and all that goes into energy.

But over time, the vital energy decreases, but its own weight begins to reverse, slowly and inexorably increase. We are starting to blame the age, as well as a "violation of hormone levels. Fight against these phenomena are usually with the help of various diets. Of which usually is of little use: if we are dieting and losing weight, it then quickly return to its original state and recruit more weight.

So where's the error?

What about "infringement hormone levels - almost all true. Here are just broken, he was not of age, and from wrong, a sedentary lifestyle. The level of active hormones decreases and we begin to gain weight. "Sitting on a diet, we're just complicating things: the hormones to become even smaller and as a consequence, our waist and hips, beginning to grow even more in breadth.

So what do you do?

The answer is obvious: do fitness, leading an active life and normal, healthy eating. Of course - do not overeat. Although, if the hormones will be all right, all the excess calories will go into energy.

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Where reasonable limits of "DRYING"?

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Our sport is visual. Visual categorization in here just to be the most correct and logical. The point of qualification of judges, to visually identify shaky side - where it ends and begins a fitness bodybuilding. Here is how to define the permissible limits of drying (dehydration)?
The issue is very complicated. Here we encounter a dilemma: the better the relief - the visually It looks athletic body (which is great!). But! The higher the degree of dehydration, the harder the heart to pump blood. Then comes the red line beyond which - full cardiac arrest. Where is the exit?
By medical standards, a person can go without water for three days. Next comes a critical life-dehydration. Then - the imminent death and the natural mummification of the body. Therefore, we must be able to visually identify and allow only a degree of "dry", which fit into the medical standards. Otherwise we will be criminals who play with the Shrine of the God-given - LIVES

PS From the medical handbook: • A sense of thirst occurs when water loss is equal to one percent of body weight. The loss of more than 5% can lead to fainting, and more than 10% - death by desiccation.



Why do people go in for sports?

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Why do some people go to a sport?

If I am someone, answer this question, like so: "I always dreamed that if I suddenly give a hand ball and hang at a height of 2.4 meter ring, then I can get into it, then I consider this man a liar. Or - a fool.

Before going in to record what a sports section, the answer yourself a simple question: to what end I do it?

In 99,9% of cases, and appropriate charges against persons, such motives will be three: to become healthy, strong and beautiful. Do you agree? If not, then see the first paragraph.

If you have clearly identified a goal, it remains to choose a path (in our case - a sport), to achieve the goal. The shortest path, it is - a straight line. The most effective way to get around it - a broad and measured step.

Although they move in zigzags, and on all fours, you too, little by little, start somewhere to move. But it is very painfully long and can be inadvertently lost.

So how does a sport easier and more efficient all will achieve their objectives?

The answer to this question, they know hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Easy Fitness

That, the woman most of all are afraid, at a word "gym"?

Correctly – fear to turn the rolled body builder.

These fears are how much proved?


Unequivocally – it is absolute are proved by nothing. Any body builder-man, to you will confirm that growth of muscles begins, only on reaching certain scales in power base exercises. For example: a press lying – 100 kg, lifting on a biceps – 50 kg, knee-bends – 150 kg.


The woman even if will strongly want, never can come nearer to similar scales behind which the phase of muscular growth begins. Certainly, if will not open for itself «a success secret» - man's sexual hormones. Muscles raise, only hormones (both natural, and artificial) and specialised heavy, power training – a bodybuilding axiom.


Certainly, training model fitness, cardinally differs from training of the man-body builder. A way one, and here a method: weight, exercises, techniques of performance – differ considerably.


Whether so it is necessary to be afraid of a gym? Let's look, for example, at the dancers who are engaged without additional burdening, only with a body weight. What average weight at women? Well, we will admit – 65 kg. Jumping on one foot, you give on it such loading as though jumped on two feet, with a bar is powerful 65 kg on shoulders. Huge loading on all female organism!


Average weight with which the woman is engaged in a gym – 3-5 kg. Feel a difference – in 15 times less! And this loading, in regular intervals to lie down on all body, with a stress on "problem" places, instead of overloads the bottom extremities, doing feet heavy and big.

fitness model girl Olga and Rita

So, women's workout at the gym, much lighter (!), In terms of muscle than training gymnasts from their own body weight.

That is why fitness models involved in the gym, have a light and graceful figure, than, for example, figure skater, dancer or a runner.

Hysteric men - right!

Often, faced with how to suitors and husbands of our beginner fitness models, categorically (occasionally, until the tantrums Babskii) against what would be their friend not only participated in our contests and competitions, but in general would go to engage in the fitness room .

It would seem - is stupid and ridiculous. What is the normal man does not want to see next to him, slender and graceful beauty?

And here and there - they're right! As recent research by British scientists, such behavior has a clear scientific explanation: in those pairs in which the beauty of a woman far superior visual appeal men, the probability of the gap between them is very high.

As explained by leading research Bob Baris: "find out what exactly a woman, most decide to keep a relationship or a better part. A beautiful woman is generally more prone to short-term relationship, after which they prefer to move on. "

So, it turns out, our hysterical muzhchinki, quite right. After coming to engage in a fitness room, a woman who is incredibly prettier. Well, after looking at his sofa bumpkin, more often hesitate to further co-existence.

Derivation of British studies is: the perfect partner for a man, should be close to him in terms of external data.

So, men: if, well, you can not even save his beloved from the pernicious influence of fitness, one way out - a march for her in the gym!

Or, look for a different, more white gray version.

Similar fitness beauty, what a Winnie the Pooh, hardly suit:

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