Gymnastics and fitness


«Why fitness? Here at gymnasts, too beautiful figures …»

Totally agree with that. Here are just a method of achieving ... His performance, causes severe doubts.

Gymnast starts his workout, from the very infancy, making for 3 workouts a day. Almost all of her childhood and adolescence, and is dedicated to only one business - training. Under such loads, by the age of 18, our young gymnastic talent already in the best case - a pensioner, at worst - an invalid. And you need this?

In order to obtain such a shape, like a gymnast, doing according to the method of fitness, rather 2-3 hours, half-hour workouts per week. And these exercises are fully consistent with the anatomy of the human body, and therefore completely safe. Therefore, you can do so, until old age. Preserving good health and attractive appearance.

How are our fitness model, you can see here

Dancing minus

There is a fairly common myth, though dance classes and gymnastics are able to build a beautiful figure.

Bullshit! Gymnastics and dance, are only able to cripple your joints and spine.

So how, you ask, we see quite beautiful figures of dancers in a variety show? The answer is simple - just genetics. If you by nature, thin waist and an elegant backbone, the most likely classes Tanami and gymnastics, will not inflict much damage to your appearance.

Experienced eye, always distinguish the shape of professional dancers, the wide waist (with hypertrophied oblique muscles), and "square" the pope - the result of the load in a shorter amplitude. Plus, hanging from the jump, in the absence of stress on the upper thoracic spine, chest.

Well, a doctor, the difference between the dancer, the worn-out joints and vertebrae.

Only Fitness is capable of perfectly accurate load, for example: the large gluteal muscles (in the direction of the fibers), stretching and compressing them at full amplitude, isolated strengthening upper chest muscles, thus lifting the chest, to isolate the oblique muscles while working the press, making the waist thinner and protecting your spine, etc.

Fitness can even extend (without the quotes) your feet: Lift due to muscle ass and getting rid of the flabby bottom, your legs look much longer and sleeker.

Often, looking at photos of fitness models , we represent all of them tall growth. While this is not the case. Many of them have medium and low growth. The matter is in the correct methods of training, make a figure of light and graceful. That is what creates the illusion of high growth.

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