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The first sports clubs began to appear in Europe in the second half of the 19th century. The earliest of them were "bicycling community"


  In the second half of the 19th century, began to register the athletic society fans of bodybuilding and power lifting. First, was registered in 1890 in Latvia, athletic Society "Rigaer":

Later, in 1893, appears an athletic society "Panaitolian" in Greece and "Fremad" in Austria.

First, real competition on power athletics were held in 1897 in St. Petersburg, with the participation of athletes from Latvia (it belonged to the Russian Empire) and Russia:


After success of the first championship in Russia, start run regular athletic competitions consisting two stages: competition in the power and beauty contest of athletic physique (bodybuilding).

In 1901 M. Kister book "Heavy dumbbell" (dumbbells, at this time, called all the equipment for power lifting), tells about the methods of forming a beautiful athletic figure:


Bodybuilders from Latvia and Russia - the acknowledged leaders of our sport, the 19-20th centuries:


For example, even the best bodybuilder in Europe, the German Sendou Yudzhin, appears for the prestige, under the Russian name "Evgeny Sandov":

Evgeny Sandov - photo gallery


January 27, 1914, in St. Petersburg, is the first world championship, which wins the beautifully built athlete - Konstantin Stepanov.


In 1904, held first bodybuilding competition in the U.S. and American bodybuilding begins rapidly develop.

There appears a whole pleiad of great athletes:

MAXICK (Mack Sick) 1910



Evgeny Sandov, Klemens Bul, Georg Gakkenshmidt


Gustav Frishteynsky

Gustav Frishteynsky - history bobybuilding


Some U.S. "researchers" trying to prove that bodybuilding as a sport, before all has appeared in America (that is not true), citing as an example New York Athletic Club, founded in 1868.
At the same time, not knowing or consciously says nothing about the fact that athletics in America are called all kinds of sports that require physical  athlete skills.
For bodybuilding and power athletics, this club was not involved, and cultivated such kinds as running (it was the emblem of the shoe with a wing) and later - tennis, golf, basketball, cycling, chess ... That is, it was an analog of numerous European bicycle societies.

Names of all New York athletic sport clubs, you can read on this Medal (round):

Photo of the well-known athletes past link

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